The Best Natural Hair Growth Products

5 Tips to Grow your hair

Lots of women complain that they have excessive hair loss and their hair is not growing properly. Haircare companies know this but don’t seem to care much for the consumers. For starters, no product can bring your old hair growth back. What happened, happened! Now all you can do is take care of what is left and try to improve the overall condition.

The hair growth for every human being is almost the same. What makes it different are the genetics and the products we use. The hair follicle is programmed to grow hair on daily basis.

Although supplements can help promote hair growth, some products can offer many promising results. And surprisingly, you won’t have to break your bank for this. Everything is affordable and easily available at your convenience.People who feel like their hair isn’t growing or there’s sudden breakage should try these tips.



5 Tips to Grow your hair


  1. Drink Water

Dry hair is brittle, which makes them easy to break when the length increases. You can apply exterior moisturization to stop it from breakage but the true power lies within the self.

The best moisturizing ingredient is water. A simple tip, take your weight and dry it in half. That’s how many ounces of water you should be drinking on daily basis. For example, if your weight is 100 lbs, you should drink at least 50 ounces of water each day.

Drink water in the morning and when you’re going to sleep. Make a schedule for this. Drink in time more frequently.


  1. Eat the right amount of nutrients

There may be vitamins and nutrients that you’re not taking daily. Avoid processed foods if possible. Try to eat more natural food items rather than junk food or oily items. They are full of preservatives that can harm your internals. If a food doesn’t grow from the earth, skip it immediately.

Processed food tends to be higher in calories and low on nutrients. For your body to function properly, you need the right set of meal guidelines. Here are some daily meal plans for you.



  1. Keep your hair moisturized


If you’ve made a habit of drinking water daily, that’s fine! Now make the next habit of moisturizing your hair. If you’re using oil-based products, make sure that you won’t apply them on dry hair. Oil-based products are designed to seal the moisture.

When they are applied to dry hair, they just stay there. Water-based products have water in them, making them prone to moisturization. Pay attention to the ingredients of the products you’re buying. If they have essiontal olis that’s fine, but if they have petrolatum, skip them. Also, ingredients like mineral oil can even make your skin drier.


  1. Let your scalp breathe

Just like anything that needs water, it needs oxygen too. Letting your hair breathe and exercise daily is one of the best ways to make it more natural. If you like to wear a scarf, make sure that it’s not tightly adjusted.

Avoid shampoo that dries your hair and tends to make breakage on your hair. Again, ingredients are the best way to test this. Don’t use products that have chemicals. Go more natural and organic, use henna for hair, it’s the safest dye out there.


  1. Use less styling techniques

Although playing with your hair and trying out new styling is a fun activity. However, it shouldn’t be applied to everything. Styling from outside involves different products to achieve the end-goal. Most stylers use sprays to harden your hair to make a pattern. Frequent styling is not suitable all the time.

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