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Symptoms of a heart attack

Learn to recognize heart disease

When you ask about the symptoms of a heart attack, many people think about heartburn. In recent decades, however, scientists have discovered that the symptoms of a heart attack are less frequent.Symptoms of a heart attack

Symptoms can vary in many ways and depend on many factors, such as whether you are male or female, the type of heart disease you have, and how old you are.

It is important to go deeper and understand the various symptoms that can lead to a heart attack. If you find more information, you can find out when to help the person affected.

Early symptoms of heart attack

The sooner you get heart attack help, the better you can recover. Unfortunately, many people don’t want to ask for help, even if they think it’s there.

But doctors encourage people to seek help if you suspect you may have early symptoms of a heart attack.

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Even if you are not right, it is better to do some tests than to have a long-term heart injury or other health problem when you think for a long time.

They are  vary from person to person and other heart attacks. The key is to believe in yourself. But your body is more than anyone knows. If no one is sick, seek medical attention immediately.

According to the Cardiovascular Patients Association, the symptoms of a heart attack start in 50 percent of all heart patients. Knowledge of the onset of the symptoms can help you seek immediate treatment to prevent heart damage.

Eighty-five percent of heart attacks occur in the first two hours after a heart attack.

Early symptoms of a heart attack may include:

Heartburn or nicotine can go out and be called a “kiss” pain reliever
Shoulder, neck and arm
Nausea or vomiting
small or unconscious
waiting for “Judgment to come”
extreme anxiety or confusion
Symptoms of heart attack in men
Have a heart attack often when you are a man. Men also have a heart attack more than women. If you have a family history of heart disease or smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity or other risk factors, your chances of getting a heart attack are higher.

Interestingly, what a person did in a heart attack is being investigated.

Symptoms of heart attack in men include:

Chest pain / stress sits like an “elephant” in the heart, with frightening feelings that can come or go
Pain or discomfort in the upper body, including arms, left shoulder, back, neck, neck or abdomen
rapid or occasional heart attack
Suffering is like a house
Breathing problems, which seem to not get enough air even during your vacation
Dizziness or fatigue
cold weather
But remember, every heart attack is different. Your signal may not match the description on this cookie. Trust your instincts when things go wrong.

Change: real equality
We believe that equality is good – the right opportunity for everyone to live a healthy life. Follow up to change your health results in a detailed way.

Symptoms of heart attack in women

In recent decades scientists have come to recognize that the may be different for women than for men.

In 2003, CirculationTrust Source published the results of several studies on 515 women with heart attack. The most common symptoms do not include chest pain. However, women report poor sleep, sleep disorders, and anxiety. Nearly 80 percent said they had experienced at least one symptom more than a month before a heart attack.

Symptoms of heart attack in women include:

special sleep lasts for several days or sudden drowsiness
Sleep problems
shortness of breath
Meltdown or pain like gasoline
back, shoulder or neck pain
Pain or soreness spreads to the palate
Pressure or pain in the middle of the heart that can stretch
In a 2012 survey published in the journal, only 65 percent of women said they would call 911 if they thought they had a heart attack.

Seek treatment immediately, even if you do not know it.

Of course, your decision is a matter of feeling, not ordinary. If you have not seen any of these symptoms, do not hesitate to seek help. If you do not agree with your doctor, ask a second question.

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