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Straight Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes

Straight hairstyles are for the lucky ones who have long and straight hair. There are different textures of straight hair. Knowledge about them helps you to choose the right hairstyle that is apt for your hair.

Textures of Straight Hair

  • Coarse Hair:Thick hair that is difficult to control and style
  • Medium Hair:Easy to maintain and style. If taken care of properly, medium hair adds to one’s beauty
  • Fine Hair:Soft and smooth hair. Gives that attractive and graceful look.

Straight Hairstyles for Different Face Shape

The right kind of straight hairstyles that is best suited for you depend greatly on the shape of your face. According to hair experts in Jersey City, hairstyle that looks fantastic to a round face may not work for a square face. Intelligent people give consideration to their face shape and select a straight hairstyle suitable for them.

So, What style suits which shape? Here are those guidelines for you.

Hairstyles for Round Face:

Your hairstyle should tone down the roundness of your face. Long side bangs help the face look leaner. Converging layers diminish the roundness considerably. If you have much hair around your face, the roundness will be more prominent. So, avoid them if you have a round face. Blunt cuts don’t suit round faces.


Hairstyles for Oval Face:

Oval faced people are really the lucky ones. Almost any hairstyle looks great on an oval face. Only thing is that, that hairstyle needs to be in tone with the texture of the hair.

Long Straight Face:

A hair cut should be made in such a style that does not make the face appear longer than it actually is. Hairstyle should be done in such a way to make the face look wider. Chin length bob cuts attenuate the length of the face. Even side-swept bangs make long faces appear attractive. Very long are very short haircuts being not the right choices for long faced damsels.

Square Face Hairstyles:

Long styles narrowing towards the angular jawline in a square-shaped face make it look graceful. Square shaped faces should avoid going for blunt cut bangs and single-length bob cuts.

Heart-Shaped Faces:

Eyes and cheekbones-these are the features towards which your haircuts should draw attention if you have a heart shaped face. If the hair is short make it end below the jaw line. Long hair, if it dangles around the cheekbones, looks great.

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