Small Guide on Most Popular Types of Windows in 2021

Most Popular Types of Windows

Window is an essential element of our homes. Windows brings light, ventilation, and some good views to your house. There are various types of windows. Some are easy to open and close, some look beautiful, etc.

All windows have different looks and functions. Choose such windows replacement that fit the architectural style of your house.

What are different types of Windows?

When you decide on windows replacement, you get this confusion in selecting the style. There are many window replacement options available. Every window style serves different purposes. You so depend upon your need and choice select the window style for your home.

Let’s have a quick look at various types of window –

Awning Window

The awning windows opens by turning the top of the windows sash controlled by a crank. Canopy windows pair with large picture windows. They are present at the bottom, side, or top of the picture window for ventilation. Like rear windows, they can also mount above the door. When opening, awning windows are not recommended near sidewalks and other traffic areas.

Double Hung and Single Hung

The double and single suspension windows are the most common and well-known. The only difference between both of them is that the single suspension. It has a movable lower wing and a fixed upper wing. Whereas the dual rest has two movable wings; The top wing slides down.

The main advantage of double-hung windows is adequate ventilation. The double windows you can clean inside and out without external cleaning (or stairs).

Single and double-hung are very popular and have a very decorative look. It usually offer less clearance than window sills and sashes. It may be more susceptible to air leaks from windows.

Bay Windows

Cavity windows are an excellent resource for architects. It create corners and edges in building structures.

Cavity windows let in light at different angles. Most openings contain side windows that open for airflow. Bays are useful in kitchens and living rooms where a large window sill you can use for plants or a window seat.

Slider Windows

The sliding windows slid sideways. It offer a clear view and adequate ventilation, but you can’t close it like wings. Sliders are useful for low-level exit windows in basements or bedrooms. It is because of their large opening and ease of use. The extra windows at the top of the basement wall is also a sliding bar.

Pivoted Windows

In this type of windows, pivots are present to windows frames. A pivot is a shaft that helps to oscillate the shutter. No rebates you need for the frame. The swinging may either horizontal or vertical based on the position of pivots.

Cottage windows

A cottage windows is a variant of a double-hung windows in which the top cover is shorter than the bottom. Often referred to as the “front windows type.” Apart from the smaller top hiding places. The villa windows’ features and characteristics are like those of the double-hung windows. This window type refers to the “Georgian” and “Tudor” window types.

Louvered Windows

Shutters are like shutters designed for ventilation without looking outward. The curtain can fold by attaching the rope to the pulley. We can keep the curtain tilted by tilting the cable and lifting the cord.

Picture Windows

The drawing windows is one of the unique windows shapes because it fixes (you cannot manipulate it). It is a window pane; its primary purpose is to frame the outside – as a photo frame, hence the term “picture windows.” At the same time, this is not the type of everyday view you see every day. It is especially noticeable in houses with vaulted ceilings.

Hopper window

The funnel window is a single casement windows (see number 10) that opens into the house by tilting it. The bunker, usually a horizontal rectangle, hangs below to list it from above.

Jalousie window

Venetian blind windows are a cost-effective solution for warm weather areas. Especially when air conditioning is not required. The curtain consists of blades of glass in metal clips. Venetian blinds provide the most considerable airflow. But are usually narrow and have limited visibility.

Sliding Sash Window

The sliding window consists of two mounted sashes. You can open and close by sliding on the rails. Sliders are an excellent choice for countertop or sink mount.

Metal window

Metal windows, usually mild steel, are useful to make metal windows. They are very cheap and have more power. Hence, they are useful today, especially for public buildings, private buildings, etc.


You can negotiate some window replacement prices with larger projects. Or you reduce it through special offers implemented by window installers in your area. Use our local windows cost calculator to determine your exact window project estimate. It will be easier to speak to a local artist and get free reviews with Modernize.

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