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Shacks In Goa That Will Drive Crazy The Best Of Minds

Goa, the very word has an ecstatic feeling within it. Be it the lovely beaches, good quality alcohol, or friendly locals, Goa has something for everyone. While speaking about Goa, how could the shacks in Goa be left behind? Instead, it would be not wrong to say, shacks are the backbone of the place that booms with tourists almost throughout the year.

Shacks are the best halts for tourists who want to view the beauty of beaches almost during all times of the day. It is usually less expensive than the hotels and even the food price is decent. For solo travelers, couples, group travelers, it is recommended to visit shacks while in Goa. Through this article, a brief discussion about the best shacks in Goa is done.

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La Plage Shack: 

La Plage can turn out to be the most amazing shacks in Goa on your trip. The mouth-watering cuisines served with rejuvenating cocktails can be a gentle retreat for viewing the sunset. Located on the Ashwem beach, the shack is a loved stay of many solo birds visiting Goa. The price for two comes at just 800 INR in this shack.

Shiva Valley: 

The shack is a popular destination for all those who don’t want to stop partying. Located on the Anjuna beach, the shack gives a surreal experience to all party-lovers. The shack is exquisitely decorated with lavish neon lights that can blow anyone’s mind. With a budget price of 1000 INR, the shack can be the best deal for two.


This Greek shack cum restaurant is indeed an eye-candy to every visitor. With the pastel-hued interiors, the shack is indeed known for the quality of ambiance and cuisine provided. Situated in Siolim, the shack is favored by all. The tariff for two comes to around 1500 INR but, the money would be worthy of the time in Thalassa.


Brittos is home to water-sports lovers who find the shelter just a little away from their bucket list. This shack boasts having the best beer price in Goa. With a great location, the shack offers numerous variants of liquors and food to the customers. The price for two comes at around 1400 INR, it is one of the most beautiful Calangute beach shacks.  

Sublime Beach Shack: 

It is considered one of the best Morjim beach shacks. Hence, viewing the sunset from this shack is a momentous thing. Food served at the sublime beach shack is a mix of Goan cuisine and continental type, which makes it unique among others. The price for a couple is around 1300 INR here.

Ryan’s Shack:

 This is one of the most adored places on Candolim beach. Known for their beautiful furniture, delicious seafood, the shacks bring in crowds from outside and inside of Goa. The cuisines served in Ryan’s shack include North Indian, Goan, Chinese, and many more to savor. Also, the couple tariff in the shack costs merely 600 INR.

Curlies Beach Shack: 

Curlies beach shack is a must-visit for sea-food lovers and the hospitable aura. The shack faces one of the most beautiful beaches in Goa, Anjuna beach. It has a variety of food delicacies and is open to all age groups and families too. The landscape of Anjuna beach and cozy sitting spaces makes it more appealing. The price for two is tipped at 1500 INR.

Rudy’s Golden Mermaid: 

Situated on the Calangute beach, this shack is one of its kind. The adorable paintings and beautifully decorated tents with lighting give a feeling of calmness to the visitors. The humble noise of tides sets the mood of every traveler who wishes to take a break from their routine life. It is priced at 800 INR per couple.

Pousada By The Beach: 

The freedom to gaze at the blue waters of the Arabian sea while sipping a mocktail can be best experienced from Pousada. A shack with a beachfront and an ambiance of calmness is what one can expect from it. Not to say, the delicious meals and refreshing beverages act as a cherry on the cake. It is priced at 2000 INR for two persons.     

Baxter Beach Shack: 

It is counted among the classic Ashwem beach shacks. The surroundings of this shack lure everyone to return here again. Spacious and scenic with its location, the shack is often in the bucket of travelers visiting Goa. The amazing views of sunset its reflection on the seawater will blow anyone’s mind. It is moderately priced at 1200 INR for a couple.

Moonlight Beach Shack: 

If sitting in an open area with the noise of tides and the aroma of freshly cooked seafood around, Moonlight beach shack can be the best place. Situated on Calangute beach, the shack offers various cuisines to meet the tastes of every visitor. It is moderately priced at just 650 INR for a single couple.

Villa Blanche Bistro: 

A top-rated shack and popular among European travelers. The shack has mastered the culinary skills to serve lip-smacking dishes. It succeeds to satisfy the foreign taste buds by importing spices and ingredients. It gives a homely feeling to the travelers with its authentic food taste. The price for two is set at 1000 INR at this shack. 

Bobby’s Shack:

 Bobby’s shack is the most loved destination during Christmas and New year’s eve. Situated on Candolim beach, it attracts many tourists for its food. With an open space around the beach, it has one of the best sceneries in North Goa. The approximate price for two at this shack comes to around 1000 INR.

Calamari Bathe And Binge: 

The shack is neat and provides ample space for the traveler to bathe, swim in the sea, and relish the flavorsome foods. It has one of the most beautiful and hygienic beaches in North Goa. Tourists flock in to spend quality time in the shack. The staff service is excellent in this shack. It is priced at 800 INR for two persons.

Souza Lobo Beach Shack: 

The interior decorations of this shack dwell in the mind for a long-time. Due to the warm and friendly environment, the tour operators in Goa recommend tourists visit this beach shack. It serves Goan cuisine with indigenous taste and flavor. The price for two is set at 1300 INR in this shack located in Calangute beach.

Sam’s Beach Shack: 

The shack is located at Baga beach and is known for its beautiful lighting and decorations during the night hours. Fresh and flavourful dishes are served at this shack. The exterior of the shack attracts many tourists to the shack. The price for two would approximately be around 1000 INR. It is the most sought shack in Goa after Calamari and Thalassa.

Bubbles Beach Shack: 

The location of this shack oozes calmness to the soul. It is placed righteously in the Calangute beach to serve the customers with the best experience. Far from the noise of music and crowded parts of Goa, it is a perfect retreat for peace-lovers. The price for two persons will be approximately 800 INR.   

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