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Racing Innovation from Mobile Gaming Leads in Motorsports Development

The world of racing games has evolved through decades of consistent innovations. With more than a thousand new racing games coming up every year, developers try to outdo each other with recent upgrades. These upgrades range from highly realistic simulations to photorealistic graphics. And then, from arcade-style driftfests to upgraded vehicular combat. The genre flows with constant new Innovative features.

Atari Space was the first race game to be released in 1973. In this game, two players play against each other, attempting to win the prize by being the first to cross the screen. The first game with scrolling graphics that gave the track an overhead view was Speed Race in 1974. The game used a steering wheel instead of knob controls used by previous games. Since then, there have been better strides in the racing game industry. This write-up makes a compilation of racing innovations.

Most Important Innovations in Gaming

The race game market of today is a result of 45-year progress in design and technology in the gaming industry. Slot racing games are not left out in the development. Slot racing games have produced high-quality racing games for slots over the years. These slot racing games have gathered popularity with more players attending slot car fest. Fortunately, some sites offer entertaining online slot racing games with tips to play even on nopeatkasinot.

Here is a list of innovations that skyrocketed this progress;

The Steering Wheel Controller

Before the seventh game generation, race gamers controlled the car with a knob-like controller. The steering wheel innovation was added around 1974. The wheel control rapidly became the method of control for arcade games. Yet, the wheel controller option was popularised by systems like Nintendo 64 and PlayStation after a few years.

3-D Graphics

The game “Night Driver” was the first to attempt a 3-D graphic racing game. 3-D can be considered as a predecessor of virtual reality technology. The game used white pylons on an empty and inky background. In 1984, “REVS” delivered a more realistic 3-D rendition with more decent graphics. Three-dimensional racing was later popularised in 1992 by SEGA’s “Virtual Racing.” Recent games, however, have perfected 3-D graphics with highly realistic simulations.

Accurate Driving Physics

The 80s game, “REVS,” was the first to portray practical driving physics. The “realness” of driving is something most gamers want to feel when playing racing games. Early games didn’t model how the car’s tire screeched and sped on the tracks. However, improvements in technology have helped in developing games with better driving physics.

Vehicular Combat

The first racing game with weapon action was in the 1987 game “R-C Pro-Am.” In this game, players could control trucks to shoot missiles at opponents. Super Mario Kart, however, popularised the art of racing game vehicular combat. In Super Mario Kart, a full battle mode with full weaponry was inaugurated. Since then, other games like Twisted Metal and Vigilante 8 have materialised. These games offered even better illustrations of race battles.


Racing games are one of the most popular genres of games on mobile. The demand for better features has made developers add upgrades and better features on newer games. Innovations for mobile racing games have included realistic driving physics and upgraded UIs. Not to mention photorealistic graphics and highly customizable race cars. In all, racing gamers can expect more significant innovations in future games.

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