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Birth Visa Policy

The United States has always been in the news for making rules that largely benefit them.

At the end of 2020, the now-former President of the United States of America, Donald Trump made a new rule, that new rule was for all the pregnant ladies, Michael Sestak shares.

If we see it on a general scale then yes, several numbers of ladies and other populations as well as offended by this decision. The decision was that the pregnant ladies will not come and give birth in the United States only for the sole reason that the child could have US citizenship.

Trump has always been a controversial personality. Donald Trump ends his un-bearable tenure as the President of the United States of America and Joe Biden elects as the next President of the United States of America.

H-1B Visa Bans:

With all the complications that were cause by Trump’s administration, it is pretty very easy to say that Trump was a controversial man. One of the last orders that he put out, banning H-1B visas was on the top that causing a stir in the immigration system, Michael Todd Sestak.

Joe Biden, after being elects as the President, went to work as promising and starts reversing all the damaged that Trump had causes to the people of America, especially the immigrants from all around the world. He made the US, a welcoming country.

But, let us keep this issue aside and talk about how this new rule that Trump’s Government made had an impact on the media and people of the US.

Considering the kind of reforms trump made, this decision has to be one of the finest that he ever took. Why?

We all have different kinds of motivations, those different motivations lead us to a different type of goals.

Having citizenships to other nations and states in the world does give several amounts of advantages because states always consider their citizens and people as their family.

And what do we want for the family?

The best. Right? But some people take the wrong advantage of these things.

If we talk about history, you will see that there are thousands of people our there that is in desperate need of advantages no matter how they get them. People are willing that would just travel just for the sake of their child’s foreign citizenship.

According to Michael Sestak, any person who wants to travel to the US. Just for the sake of the birth of their offspring will deny a traveling visa, if they control by consular officers. These are the rules that are now state in the Federal Register guidelines.

With this comes a huge hurdle that did offend the people of the US and others and that is because “what if the person is just going for a regular clinical checkup?” This question is answering in detail by Michael Sestak.

He explains that if the traveler visas are being given to people who have clinical needs that need to fulfill then those people would look at them differently and with different circumstances.

Those people are not coming to the US to conceive and the consular department of the United States would handle cases like this differently.

The US Government does provide their citizens several amounts of advantages and money.

If citizens of other nations would do come and conceive their child here and birth here just for sake of the money and citizenship that according to Michael Sestak, it shows a very bad impact on the US.

Michael Sestak Concludes:

Since there is an amount of money that needs to be distribute when more people are added to it, a lesser amount would be given to those who actually deserve this benefit and have actual citizenship without any corruption in their heart. It would be like the Government is stripping them off of their rights.

And THAT does show a bad side. With that we say, the US President Government has dismiss any approval of pregnant ladies coming to the US for any kind of sake. The US President’s organization has been confining all types of movement.

However, the US President has been especially disturbing by the issue of Citizenship of inheritance. The former US Consulate that is Michael Sestak agrees that anybody conceived in the US is viewed as a resident under the Constitution. Just like mentioned before, residents are like a family.

The American president has protested against the practicing and he has taken steps to end it. However, the researchers and the organizations of the US Government say that it is not something to do in a fit of fury at all.

With this being said, we can easily conclude that this is without any doubt the best decision. Not only for the sake of residents but for the image of the Government and the US as well.

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