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Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Wool Carpet Beautiful For Years To Come

Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Wool Carpet Beautiful For Years To Come

Luxury wool carpet is always an option of choice when luxurious flooring is insight. It has many qualities among which are its sustainability, cosiness and undeniable beauty. It is suitable for every home style; both the traditional and modern styled home in London and the UK receive a touch of class with it. In addition to their highly desired beauty, modern luxury carpets are prized highly because of their resistance to stains, imprints, and superb quality.

However, its initial quality does not make wool carpets less susceptible to wear and tear after some years. But there are proven methods you can follow to keep your wool carpets in good shape for the coming years. Here are the maintenance tips you will need to keep your wool carpet beautiful for years to come:

  1. Vacuum regularly

There is no need for talking about a carpet maintenance strategy if you are not willing to mention vacuuming. Try vacuuming your carpet at least once a week and more if placed in a high foot traffic area. Frequent vacuuming of the carpet helps eliminate dirt and loose soil before it settles deep into the fibres of the carpet and causes permanent damage.

However, when doing the vacuuming, set your vacuum at a low suction so that you will not fuzz your carpet.

  1. Do not wear your shoes indoor

Though you will vacuum your carpet frequently, its lifespan will increase more if you do not wear your shoes inside the house. Remember, the sole of your shoe is the surface that brings a piece of the outside world into your home and carpet. This increases the amount of dirt that will come in. Some of the contaminants that will rest on your carpet are sand, dust, mud, etc.

Let there be a welcome mat in front of your house where your visitors can clean their shoes before coming in. If possible; encourage them to remove it entirely before they make an entrance.

  1. Frequently change the position of your furniture

Wool carpets are highly durable, and this is partly because of their elasticity. They tend to bounce back after being flattened by pressure. However, your carpet may find it more challenging to bounce back after being under pressure for a long time. Now that you know this try to change your furniture position, or exchange them so that the pressure of the feet of the furniture will rest on other parts of the carpet instead of the initial.

  1. Clean the carpet immediately after a spill

You know that liquids should not even be brought close to where the carpet lies. But if you mistakenly spill anything on the carpet, ensure you clean it out immediately. Do this with a mild cleaning solution and water; it will help remove the stains’ significant part.

However, your success here depends on the type of liquid that spilt. So, you need to research a little before you start cleaning to find the most suitable cleaning agent and method that suits the type of stain.

  1. Use professional cleaning

You can never be sure that your carpet is free from all the dirt accumulated no matter how much you clean it. Your carpet needs to be given a routine treat from professional carpet cleaners from time to time. This professional cleaning involves using tender chemicals to revive the colour and loosen your carpet’s fibres to keep it looking as beautiful as the first day you had your eyes on it.

  1. Trim rogue tuffs

After using your carpet for a while, you will notice that a tuff of wool will loosen out of the other parts of the carpet. When this happens, use sharp scissors and trim off until these rogue strands level with the carpet’s different parts. This will keep your carpet looking beautiful for a long time.

  1. Use window covers to reduce the amount of sunlight

Excessive exposure of a carpet to sunlight causes it to fade. Hence, you must use a good window cover that prevents too much sunlight from accessing the room and making your carpet start losing its colour.

As flooring experts, we can give you the information for wool carpet maintenance that you need to have your carpet at its best state throughout its lifespan. We understand the different carpet types and brands and also know how well to handle them. So, do contact us if you have troubles with your carpet.

Also, since a carpet’s lifespan is partly dependent on the installation, we offer expert carpet installation services that leave the carpet smooth and well fitted for your home. This will reduce the number of possible slips and staining of your carpet. Buy pure wool carpets and let us help you with professional carpet installation. Visit our official website for the details about carpets and also can look at our luxury varieties.

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