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Jobs That Are Going To Be In High Demand after the Lockdown

The pandemic has drastically changed the vision of the world. It has undoubtedly disrupted the job market across the whole globe. Due to the lockdown and social distancing measures, some sectors have been hit worse than others which include restaurants and beauty clinics, hotels, tour operators, and sports instructors as well. Industries such as hospitality, retail, and food and drink have also been hit hard, others have thrived. Regarding taking precautionary measures, some departments are being massively hit by the coronavirus.

Due to the changes in the working pattern, the coronavirus has brought the world economy to its knees and some of the sectors are doubted to be in a much better position than others. This results in making remote jobs much more appreciated than ever before. The rate of unemployment is getting higher and the chances of getting a job are considerably low. We all are in lockdown, staying at home, and thinking of what a post-coronavirus world might look like.

There exist a deep ocean of unknown thoughts about how the world will just go back to exactly the way it was before. People are polishing their skills while being quarantined and are trying their level best to make the money by being at home. The application of ZOOM was unknown before the lockdown, now it is the most used application generating revenue of $166.6 million just in a matter of months.

Here is the list of those 5 jobs that are going to be in high demand after the lockdown, and the pattern of work would be completely changed.

Digital marketing:

Digital marketing is one of the most highly done remote jobs in the duration of pandemic and even after this, it will be considered. Resume Services encourage, since the lockdown has been implemented, the scope of digital marketing has seen a tremendous increment. Several digital marketing firms have created jobs for skilled freelancers. Due to a massive interest at the side of digital marketing, skills including hands-on SEO, PPC specialist, Social media expert, and content management are highly appreciated.

Online selling:

The business of online selling is also profitable and is expected to grow after the pandemic is over. It is always a profitable business depending upon the good quality of products and services like custom essay writing service online along with the best prices to succeed. There is no physical presence required and you can easily manage the work from home. What matters is, the quality of your products either it is of food, clothes, or cosmetics.

Graphic designing:

The process of visual communication through typography and illustration is highly considered. Many professional CV writing services in Dubai also supported that graphic designing is one of the emerging careers with creativity and scope inside. It is also being considered during the coronavirus for the business of people and would be in demand even after the pandemic. It requires good skills and experience to become more marketable as a designer.

Software development:

During the lockdown, from software engineers to web developers, online security specialists, the department of IT is expanding. Digital skills are demanded in all sectors including e-commerce and automating processes in factories. It is encouraging to see tremendous growth in IT professionals and designers. It would surely be crucial for many firms as they modify to meet the challenges of a changing market.


There has been a huge change in almost all the sectors since the start of the pandemic. A study was published in March which showed that gamers spend 29% more time playing video games during the lockdown. People are being at home and are continuously coping up to have home entertainment to pass the time. The revenue generated for online games is the highest of times which is $10 billion. So, a career in games development is one of the most flourishing in and after the pandemic. The game’s job market is having a lot of opportunities during the lockdown.

The world is going through a hard time and it is surely strange for everyone right now. Along with the shortage of jobs, high rate of unemployment, redundancies, and more, it sounds very difficult in the job market too. Still, there exist glimmers of hope, and as the world takes steps out of lockdown, everything will hopefully start to move again. Technology is playing a vital role in keeping us updated and connected, along with the changes in the ways of applying for jobs and recruitment. Companies are conducting remote interviews and it is a chance to learn something new and make ways with it. It’s next to impossible to know when the job market will pick up again, but we all can hope along with experts that the economy of the world will bounce back reasonably quickly.


Michael Hussey is a digital marketer and blogger. He writes about motivation, education, and personal development, mostly about career help. He hopes to make a good difference in the lives of people by sharing society related relevant stories and blogs also by his personal journey.

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