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How To Use Presentation Folders To Make Clients Remember You

Why Presentation Folders are One of The Best Marketing Tool 

Your business relies on you to give a clear message to prospective client or customer on why they should do business with you. When conducting outdoor meetings or attending conventions, exhibitions, conferences, trade shows, or other events, you need more than just plain binders or handouts to do the job for you. 

One of the best ways to convey an effective message to the outside world is to use a marketing tool that helps make positive first impressions wherever you take them. It all requires a little attention to detail to the end-product and it’s ready to convert potential clients into buying ones in no time. 

There is a lot of customisable options available when designing a presentation folder from scratch. Attract new customers with captivating graphics, content, and marketing materials of your products or services. The uses of presentation folders are endless. Choose from a wide range of types, sizes, styles, colour, lamination and finishing options that have the potential to win over your clients and set you apart from your competitors. An information and feature-packed presentation folders should be your go-to choice for your next marketing and promotional campaign and here’s why. 


Here are some of the ways to get your brand noticed and this is what you need inside the presentation folders for your clients to remember you, 


 #1 An Introduction Letter 

An introduction letter on a custom letterhead printed on a high-quality paper stock calls for a great first impression. Provide your potential clients or customers with presentation folder information about your beginnings with the products/services you will cover. You can also include a crisp vision statement to invite your readers to be part of your journey. 

An introduction letter is a great ice breaker if you are approaching your target base for the first time. It takes no time for the readers to get familiar with what you have to offer. If you are an experienced company, then you can use this lister to reflect upon past discussion and build on the success together. 


#2 Custom Business Cards 

Presentation folders come to equip with a dedicated space for business cards which is great if your sales and marketing team travels for outdoor meets. Business cards are known to provide the best networking opportunities wherever you take them and with presentation folders, they become all the more effective. Share contact information, email id, social media accounts and website address with your audience to build a long-term relationship beyond the initial interaction. You can also opt for 2 types of business cards for your prospective clients and audience which makes it easier for them to get in touch with you based on the requirements of your campaign.


#3 Postcards 

Postcards will set you apart from your competitors. They are small enough and the perfect size to be a convenient reminder of a new product/service offering or a grand opening. They can be easily included in your personalised folder as call-to-action marketing material. Postcards add a nice personal touch to your offerings and are nice to show appreciation to your audience. It helps build good business relationships and churns out better leads. 


#4 Marketing Material 

It is important to fill your personalised presentation folder with information that helps persuade your readers. Here are a few of the materials that you should incorporate to educate and form positive impressions for your company in general. 

  • Case Studies – Your readers be it clients or consumers, would very much like to know why your business is different from others and the approach in place. Comprehensive and well-written case studies tell them “what’s in it for them”. With key metrics and data, you can tell your readers what were the obstacles you faced and how you solved them. This shows that you deliver results irrespective of what is thrown at you and puts you in a better picture whenever a client wants to engage with your business. 
  • Latest Products/Services Insight: At expos, conferences, and meetings, you want to showcase your latest products or services to generate awareness and excitement among existing and potential prospects. This becomes all the easy when you incorporate everything that the readers want to know in brochures, or flyers with the help of engaging graphics, content, and call-t0-action. When it comes to merchandise, you can insert a custom notepad and pen for increased involvement from your audience. 
  • Testimonials: Testimonials have become more important than ever. A business that successfully bulbs trust helps the audience to make better purchase decisions. Your target audience with just one tap of the finger can read all the reviews they need to know before buying your products and services. For better outcomes after an event, attach testimonials to your folder. It should be diverse starting from your existing clients to the ones who have signed up for your products and services over the years. Testimonials help establish credibility and are important for any business to be successful regularly. 


#5 Press Releases 

Include press releases in your custom folder to let prospects and readers know what is going in your company. News involving the latest rollouts, monthly business wins, new stakeholders you have brought on board, special promotional offers discounts, training or events can all be added to add greater relevance and depth to what you do best and promote your brand, 


#6 Promotional Campaign Extras 

For conventions and trade shows, you can include coupons, branded magnets or a bookmark for advertising opportunities that readers will see and remember long after the event has ended. The magnets can stick on the fridge for a better reminder. Coupons always work great when it comes to discounts, and a book customised with your logo is useful that can catch the attention whenever they pick up the latest book to read. 


#7 Hand Out At Events 

They will always be versatile marketing offering great customizable options to promote your business. The main objective of presentation folders is to present and they do just that. Craft tailored presentation folders for your existing and prospective clients and take them to all the business events you know will make a long-lasting impact. Insert your business card, brochures, flyers, leaflets, notepad, testimonials etc in a neat pack and so that becomes enjoyable for the client to go through. Branding packs always make a difference converting prospects into buying ones and helps you stand out from the competitors. 


#8 Offer As Sales Pack 

When your team makes a sale, you can provide the consumer with documents in custom branded presentation folders. A5 folder printing works best to  craft a sales pack. Include receipt/invoice, information about the products/service they choose and the others in your inventory. This will generate a never-ending curiosity about what you have to offer and also help promote sales in the long run. 


#9 Welcome Packs 

If you have hit the ground running in your industry then you know what it means to have new customers onboard every day. Welcome packs make the onboard journey even more exciting for your customers. Insert a welcome card, promotional content or literature, your brand story etc to show off your products/services and professionalism at the same time. Converting potential customers into existing is one thing, however cementing loyalty is another. You want to hook your customers right from the get-go and want to retain their loyalty as you move forward. Before folder printing, prioritise welcome packs and the contents inside to craft even a better end-product. 


#10 Display Portfolio 

What better way there is other than to present your portfolio in your branded presentation folder? Show off your business in pride with your personal touch and style, while keeping all the items of your portfolio together in a neat and presentable way. It will help you stand out. Your portfolio will always be the centre of attention wherever you will take them. Having different presentation folders types such as A4 or A5 folder for different occasions is a way to move forward provided that your target audience and clients may differ from one place to another. 


Wrapping Up 

Going unprepared in business events is like going incognito mode and missing opportunities every second.  It enables your business to reach and share useful insights with the audience and clients at sales meetings, conferences, trade shows, conventions, exhibitions, outdoor meetings and consultations.

Keep track of who you spoke with, and make sure to add your contact information and social media accounts for a better reach. With  a stunning professional folder that is tangible and unique, you will have everything covered when it comes to marketing and promotional campaigns. Presentation folder printing will never go out of fashion. This is one of the best marketing tools which will help you reap awards, make your team more productive, and give your readers one more reason to buy your products and services.

Ravi Patel

VC Print is a UK based printing company specialized in folder printing, roller banners, exhibition print, outdoor banners, flyers & leaflets, brochure, signage, business stationary, POS and other specialist prints.

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