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How to search for keywords for a new website!

Digital marketing in Pakistan

Only these days, you’ve noticed that visits to the new (or old) site tend to drop dramatically, and you’re trying to identify what could be causing the problem! One of the main SEO mistakes that you will certainly make even now is this: “unable to determine which keyword to choose for your content”. In this article I will tell you how to search for the keywords for your new website, using the various necessary tools that will help you reach your target audience in a short time and join a Digital Marketing agency in Lahore.

What are a keyword and Nomad’s Tech

Keywords, also known as (Keywords): help Google better understand which of the articles to show in search, in addition to those created in the past. “Without a keyword, the content would not be placed correctly and would tend to come down from Google SERP. For the simple reason that they are never discovered and therefore clicked by users and come to Digital Marketing agency in Lahore.

There are two types of keywords (general keyword and long keyword on the back)

General keyword: This is a classic keyword with high monthly traffic! And even if some of it turns out to be uncompetitive, it will not help Google to determine which of your content is to be displayed in search results. Here is an example of general keywords: ( Youtube ; Facebook ; Instagram ; SEMrush, etc.).

Keyword long tail: a keyword to consider before creating a new article! They usually have low competition and can contain much more queries than general keywords (for the simple reason that they can include all 460 pixels of Google Title Tag snippet). An example of long-tailed keywords: How to get your Facebook password back; How to get more subscribers on youtube for free and so on) and join Seo services in Lahore.

The following example: indicates how a keyword used in my article (How to search for keywords for a new website) can be searched by online users with different queries and join Digital Marketing agency in Lahore.

– Search by keyword

– New website

– Keywords on the web

– How to search

In other words, “The longer the length of a keyword, the more you will be able to classify yourself for different searches (and not just for the main keyword)”.

How to search by keyword for content

To find the right keywords, we will use 2 free tools that you should learn to use immediately. We are talking about Keyword Magic Tool ( SEMrush ) and Keyword Ideas ( Google Ads ).

Keyword Magic Tool and Digital marketing agency in Lahore

Go to the instrument’s official page and enter the keyword in the search box ( Enter keyword ), select the language (from the drop-down menu you see on the right), and click on “Search” immediately. On the next page, type Email, Password, and click Create my account and join Seo services in Lahore.

The tool will start scanning the entered keyword and will give you detailed information about the amount, competition, and CPC $ (i.e. the price that advertisers pay for the user’s click on the active Google Adsense advertisement for this particular keyword) and visit us at Nomad’s Tech and Digital Marketing agency in Lahore

Keyword Ideas

To use “Keyword Planner” you need to register with your Google account. First, go to the Google Password page, enter your e-mail and click Next, then the password, and click Next again. Select your account and then click on the next page (New Google Ads account). Immediately after that, enter the required information about your company and click the Send button and join Nomad’s Tech for Seo services in Lahore.

At this point, return to the Tools page and click Try now. From the page that is open, click on the arrow that goes to the right of ( Identify new keywords ): enter the selected keyword in the blank field ( Start with keywords ) and click on Results.

In a few moments, the tool will give you detailed information about related keywords based on the entered keyword, monthly searches, search volume, etc., etc. “Consider a keyword with a small volume from ( Average monthly searches ) and a low percentage of competition and join us at Seo services in Lahore.

These two tools, mentioned above, are ideal for finding the right keywords to use in new/old content. However, if you want to change the keyword of your old article, you will have to redirect the old URL to the new one (as this involves changing the plugin and avail Seo services in Lahore.

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