How to overcome your writing fears: Effective strategies

Do you struggle with fears as a writer? If you do, you are not in this alone. There are so many writers out there who had similar problem overcoming there writing fears like you. But today are now better writers. You might wonder how they manage to overcome their writing fears?

It is actually a simple thing to achieve. You can do it too. The first two secrets to overcome your writing fears is to practice good writing habits and develop a focused mindset. The next in line is, you shouldn’t think about multiple things at a time. Give yourself sometimes to figure out what works for you, through focused thinking. When I mean focused thinking, I mean thinking about one thing at a time.

Find a solution and take actions to implement it. Study the outcome and move on with minor adjustment. That’s it, don’t set your head ablaze with your writing fears by indulging in multi tasking. Multi tasking will only make you more anxious about your writing. You should know this.

Your writing mindset works with a sense of gratitude or discouragement. If your mind is filled with gratitude for your pass writing success, it will energize you to write more creative and unique contents for your blog audiences. But if it is filled with regret and remorse, the reverse will be the outcome.

The reality about your writing fears

The truth is that, when you feel bad about your writing, it is because you don’t set out some time to appreciate yourself, for the little success you make in your writing. You are too anxious about making it big, that you don’t even notice that you are getting better by the day.

That’s while you are finding it difficult to see the beauty in your effort as a writer. Whether you see it or not there is something beautiful about your ideas. You will never notice until you start practicing this tips on how to overcome your writing fears.

1. Stop procrastinating

Just start doing something. You need to stop procrastinating, about taking valuable actions. If you want to overcome your writing fears. You must learn to stop delaying your actions. Start somewhere, if you don’t really know where to start writing. You can even begin with a silly sentence to tease yourself up.

Once you start writing something. You will find out that the tension not to write will reduce in your mind. Moreover, you have to know that your first draft will likely be a poor one. Don’t get too disturb about it, feel free to write all those ideas you have in your mind.

Don’t bother about if it is a perfect one. You will always have time to work on that later. Never let the fear of imperfection hold you down in that mess called procrastination. Fight it back until you are totally free from it.

Now how do you fight back your writing fears?

You can fight back your writing fears by doing what scares you the most. If it is your negative thought, that no one will ever appreciate your ideas. Just cross your mind and hit the publish button, get few people to read your article. After that, ask them if it helpful or not and you will be surprise about the shocking congratulation messages they will give you.

Yes, it happens to many writers, they sometimes feel even their best writing isn’t good enough. Only to discover later, that it was just there subconscious mind, that was trying to play pranks on them.

And this is one of the major reason many writers fail in their writing. Even when they have all it takes to succeed. Never giving a listening ears to your writing fears because it won’t help you get better in any way. Therefore, why should you care?

The only thing that can help you improve your writing skill is thinking and action taking. Yes, you need to accompany your thinking with actions to make it a valuable one. Or else it will be a meaningless one.

2. Read off your doubt

When in doubt of your ability to give the best opinion to help your audience get better in solving their problem. Just sit your ass tight on your seat and do a thorough research on that topic. Learn from other better writers quality opinion. That way you will gather enough insight about the topic you want to write on.

If you don’t really know what your readers want. Try reading articles on that same topic. Find a way to figure out what the writer is trying to relate to his readers. Ask yourself this questions. What really prompt this writer to say this? That way you will be able to figure out what exactly he was thinking while writing.

Once you have a good idea about the topic. It is time to reflect on what you have learnt. Remember your audience want to learn the best way you think they should go about solving their problem.

Therefore making your writing sound more naturally with your unique ideas on how their problem should be solve will be the best way to score the topic perfectly. In other to give your readers a better understanding on how to solve their problems. And one of the best ways to get this done perfectly is to create small writing goals.

3. Set small writing goals

Don’t go too broad when you want to start writing. Plan out your writing bit by bit. Don’t rush it, to avoid becoming too anxious about completing it. The goal is to deliver quality ideas not to finish it in less time range.

Always remember to start writing your article a distant time before the time you intend to publish it. That way you will have enough time to reflect on your writing properly in other to create quality article for your audience. Don’t be the few minute guy. Take your time to think deeply about the best way to present your ideas to your blog readers. In an SEO friendly manner to get your article in front of the right eyes. That way you will find it more easier to overcome your writing fears because you will bother less about the whole writing process.

4. Stop thinking big think small

This is the key to plan your articles easily. Planning your article shouldn’t be a one time strike. Split your writing process into small units. Deal with one unit at a time. Don’t allow your writing fears to control your thinking.
Ignore it all, just turn deaf ears to your worries. Focus on developing an idea, another idea and so forth, before you know it. You are done with your writing.

That’s it, you really need to practice this writing habit if you want to overcome your writing fears. Because thinking about every aspect of your writing process at once will truncate the flow of your writing. Which will likely make you anxious about your work. Even if you notice a bit strike of anxiety while writing, try to do this.

5. Ask for assistance

When need arises, don’t hesitate to ask a friend for help. Doing this, can help you overcome your writing fears easily. Because it relieves you from your worries and return your mind into the right state of enjoying your writing.
Yes, you need help to reduce some of your writing fears. At most times, you will find out that there are some things you can’t seem to understand yourself. Asking for help from a close friend around you and if necessary ones on your preferred social media platform like Facebook or Twitter will help do the magic for you.

Don’t fool yourself with the believe that no one cares about you. No, there are so many people who will really appreciate the opportunity to help you get better with your writing. Always make sure you reach out to many people as possible that way you will likely get someone to help you with an answer to your problem. So that you can get back into your writing as possible with a focus mind.

6. Focus on your writing process not result

As many writers who struggle with writing fears make this junk mistake. They focus on their end result while they are starting out there writing. Although, this isn’t that bad in an affirmative sense but the issue with this is, it get you too anxious about finishing your writing quickly. Which isn’t good for you as a writer.

The goal of writing an article for your blog audience isn’t to finish within two hours. It is all about writing something unique that will answer your readers questions perfectly.

So don’t bother yourself too much about finishing faster. Take your writing step by step and you will be surprise to see yourself overcoming that writing fears. Hovering over your mind while writing at first.

Take this special gift from me

Take your writing bit by bit and you will be surprise how faster you will finish your writing without noticing it. So what do you think can help you overcome your writing fears. Let’s sit together in a round table and discuss your view together on how to overcome our writing fears. It helps a lot to do this together. Just drop your comment now in the comment section now.

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