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How To Choose Vegan Protein Powder To Supplement Your Diet

How To Choose Vegan Protein Powder To Supplement Your Diet


Whether it is your post-workout nourishment, your early morning energy boost or you just want that added hint of protein in your diet. Vegan and plant-based protein for bodybuilding can help you with this instantly. There are a lot of protein powders in the market, thus getting what you want can be tricky. Finding the right Vegan Protein Powder for you depends a lot on your taste palate, pocket and preference. 

While getting enough protein can be an easy option for non-vegetarians, vegans can have a hard time trying to find supplements for their intake. Thus, it is necessary to find the right fit that helps plant-based athletes and workout enthusiasts with the right amount of protein intake.  Whey is made from the water part of your milk that is separated from curd during the cheesemaking process. It is completely protein – meaning it is full of amino acids and thus helps greatly with the growth of your muscles and its repair. Whey is also known to be high in leucine, which is the most important amino acid when it comes to muscle building. But the thing with whey is that it’s not for everyone, while some people don’t take too well to whey as they are lactose intolerant or there are plant-based athletes who lead a vegan life. 

When Do I Need a Plant-Based Protein Powder?


A vegan plant-based protein powder can help you maintain your daily dose of complete nutrition. Anyone who is active or into any sort of fitness training, or muscle building can benefit greatly from protein powders. 

While vegan protein powders or plant based protein powders aren’t essential for everyone, they can help tailor to certain individuals in times of need. Whether you’re an athlete or someone who takes fitness seriously, plant based protein powders can help you fulfil your protein requirements. It is important to note that you might not always get enough protein from your diet, and thus adding a protein powder can help. Even if you are a non-vegetarian, adding a protein powder can help add more protein which in turn helps heal your body – repair, maintain and build muscle. 

How do I choose a vegan protein powder? 


The goal of choosing the right vegan powder very simply is to meet your daily protein intake. This is all the more essential if you are not a meat eater. There are nine types of primary amino acids present in high-protein food. Now, there are various ways through which protein powders can be made. Starting with, rice protein – this is higher in some amino acids but lower in some. Then, there comes soy protein that contains an optimal level of all the amino acids. On the other hand, hemp protein consists of 44% less protein when compared with the others. But that shouldn’t make hemp an unlikely choice. Since, hemp contains a healthy ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fats as well as fats. This will help fight inflammation and further the benefits of the antioxidants. 

Both pea and rice protein powders will be higher in proteins, but hemp protein has double the amount of protein as compared to that of rice, at least forty times more iron than pea protein, and lastly, ten times more magnesium than both them combined. On top of which, hemp protein also fulfills your daily requirement  for zinc, which is not found in any other plant-based protein powder. Though protein powders very commonly use additives, chemical flavouring and coloring – you should steer clear from such options. 

What is the healthiest vegan protein powder?  


Protein powders or vegan protein powders have been used by many health conscious individuals and athletes for years now. While there are many animal-based protein powders in the market, there are also wonderful vegan protein powders that can be easily picked by vegetarians. There are many options available in the market, so to pick one as the healthiest will be wrong. But, you can surely pick one that best suits your needs. 

Is vegan protein powder bad for your kidneys?  


Any good thing in great measures can be harmful. There are many gym fanatics that gulp down bottles of protein shakes. This helps build, repair and heal your muscles that can be caused by exertion and exercising. Solid foods like milk, cheese, chicken, eggs, and even seafood but it can take more effort for your body to digest and process food. These powders help a lot on the daily when taken alongside a proper diet, sleep, and exercise schedule

Your kidneys help filter out the waste from your system, when you take in so much protein it can overwork your kidneys that can cause unnecessary wear and tear. This can lead to long term damage.


How to know which protein to pick?


There are various kinds of protein powders available in the market. These include whey, milk, egg white, beef and lastly plant and vegan. Whey protein powder is the most popular choice, whether it comes to its taste or its pocket-friendly factor. This is also good to build your immune system. Casein protein powder is similar to whey but it absorbs slowly into the digestive system. Plant protein powders are extremely rich in vitamins, and minerals alongside fibre. This is a great option for vegans, vegetarians, and people who are lactose-intolerant people. On the other hand, egg white is low in fat and carbs, and low in cholesterol.  Beef protein powder helps greatly when it comes to bodybuilders. The amino acid content in your choice of vegan protein powder or plant based protein powder can be a deciding factor when it comes to making a purchase. 

Protein powders give you an instant energy boost and help catalyze muscle recovery fight sore muscles and replenish your system. This helps support bone health and eases the process of the post-workout recovery. Widely known for its hypo-allergenic benefits that is rapidly absorbed by the body. It has a significant amount of iron, vitamin C, which helps you meet your daily dietary requirements. 

We recommend blending in your protein powder with orange juice or any other beverage of your choice and consuming it twice daily. The citrate present in the orange amplifies the vitamin and nutrients in the protein powder. Whether you pick an egg based, a whey based or a vegan protein powder – it will affect the results you see on your body. So, it’s best to research before you make up your mind. 

Lastly, you can easily get your hands on vegan protein powder or plant based protein powder online and in various stores. Read the labels so that you know the contents and can make a healthy choice. 


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