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How To Choose The Perfect Leggings For The Gym According To Your Body Figure

HowTo Choose The Perfect Leggings For The Gym

There are many different models of ‘leggings‘, but how to choose the ones that suit us the most? We will tell you!

For many of us, leggings have become one of our best allies for sports. And it is that in addition to being one of those garments that are synonymous with comfort, it is also capable of adapting perfectly to our silhouette. For the latter, it is important to choose those functional leggings with which, in addition to feeling comfortable, we can see ourselves well in the mirror and that, in addition, are suitable for the sport that we are going to practice.

For this we are going to give you a series of keys that will make that search for the perfect leggings much easier:

High rise:

High-waisted leggings are perfect for concealing accumulated fat in the lower abdomen and to further stylize the thigh and buttock area.

Patterns Yes or no?

How many times have we fallen for those leggings with colorful prints or drawings and when we put them on we have realized that we do not look as good as we expected. This situation is more common than you might imagine and many times it has to do with the shape of this type of print and the visual volume it gives to our legs.

And the more contrast there is, the more visual volume is created in our legs. But beware, this does not mean that you stop using them, but that you can give volume to the area of ​​the body you want. Our advice is that you opt for lines or shapes that look inward if you want to stylize your legs, while if you prefer to create more space, opt for drawings that are directed outward.

Long, midi, or short leggings?

In this case, the long legging is always the most successful, and is that it usually favors almost all figures. The short above the knee, on the other hand, tends to highlight the thigh area a lot, so if you do not want to highlight this area it is not one of the best options.

As for the short leggings above the cufflinks, they are the perfect option for those who want to highlight the cufflinks even more.

On the other hand, leggings with midi length are ideal for stylizing the ankle area and the shorter ones are perfect.

Type of fabrics:

It is better to avoid acrylics or synthetics since they are not the best fabrics to facilitate our skin to breathe during exercise. It is much better that you opt for fresh and soft fabrics like cotton or lycra. Today there are many sports garments that have perforations or fabrics that facilitate perspiration.

Remember that these are just some tips, but it is only up to you to choose the type of leggings that best suits your needs, your body type, and your sport. You no longer have an excuse to show off your great guy this back to the gym!

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