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How to choose reception desks for your business?


Reception desks play a fundamental role when it comes to the design and functionality of an office: it is the first element that we find as soon as we walk through the door of a business, and it says a lot about it. Here are some ideas and keys to guide you when choosing reception desks for your business.

Types of reception desks: which one do I choose?

One of the most important qualities that reception desks have and/or should have is that they are visually attractive, since the first impressions that the client or the public take about that company and its workers will depend on it.

For these same reasons and others, it is not an easy or simple task to choose a reception desk that fits and fits each project, since it is necessary to analyze in-depth that certain functions are well fulfilled, and from here choose the right one. the most suitable model according to the type of business.

The shape of the counters

The reception desks can reach multiple adopt forms by manufacturer and designer.

Its shape will be key when establishing a pleasant workspace, but also ideally, it fulfils the function of said counter.

On some occasions, the design of a rectangular and straight counter is not entirely striking aesthetically, such as a curved model, although depending on the development of the functions of the workers behind it, it will be the most practical or not.

The number of workers who will use it

One of the main qualities that a counter should have is that it adapts perfectly to the number of people who are going to use it, both in fixed and temporary positions, since knowing this information will help you create a functional and comfortable space for everyone in the workplace.

The function that they will have

Each reception desk can have different functions within each company.

In some cases, it may only be about a place where clients are received to inform them of the services, or they may also have the need to fill out some type of report or writing, since in this case, having a small space so that the public can support themselves and fill in a form, it would play a very important role in the image of the company.

The reception desk combines tasks such as collecting phone calls and administrative functions.

In any case, all these points mentioned must be taken into consideration when choosing an element or another that suits each of the jobs and has enough space for each of the objects that are going to be used and needed.

The design of the office

This is where the aesthetic part of all this comes in, which plays a great role when designing the space, so all of the above must be combined in such a way that a pleasant environment is created and that it ends up fitting into the philosophy of the company. In order to be able to transmit to the client and their employees as much professionalism as possible.

All these are key data when choosing reception desks according to your type of business.

Before opting for one or the other, always think that the functionality and the image they convey are essential.

Have you ever taken all these factors into account when choosing a counter? We hope they are of great help to you; At Interiorsolutions we are specialists in business furniture.

Tips for choosing the most suitable reception furniture

Do you have a business and want to renovate the furniture or are you going to set up a business and need to furnish it? Today in Interiorsolutions we give you some tips to choose the most suitable reception furniture. And you should not overlook this space of your company; Remember that the first impression is important to convey confidence and professionalism to your clients.

And we achieve this, apart from of course with a service or product that meets your needs and of the highest quality, with the image of the company; If it is not attractive and creates curiosity, your potential clients will not notice your brand and you will lose business opportunities.

What you should take into account when choosing reception furniture

We know that running and organizing a business is not an easy task; That’s why at Interiorsolutions, as experts in comprehensive space equipment, we want to make it easy for you and help you by telling you what you should take into account when choosing the perfect reception furniture for your business.

With these tips, you will be able to correctly select the furniture in an area as important as the reception of your company, since it is the first thing that your clients see from your office or premises. Ideally, they will find in it a space with a cosy atmosphere, which exudes professionalism, with an innovative touch and highlights your corporate image.

Furniture functionality and customization

The image is a key point to make your company stand out. But, in addition, the reception furniture you choose should offer you functionality, and the option of customizing your furniture so that it fully adapts to the needs of your business.

Design in accordance with the corporate image

A very important aspect for your business is that you go to an expert reception furniture company that offers you the possibility of making a design in accordance with your corporate image.

This is essential so that your clients have your brand very present during the time they remain in your facilities.

The attractive style and decorative elements that make a difference

Choose for the reception furniture of your company an attractive style and decorative elements that make a difference.

You can include the colours of your brand logo in the furniture, plants to give a natural touch to space, original lighting with designer lamps, a small area with a table with magazines and comfortable seats, etc.

It has a company specialized in reception furniture

Surprise your customers by creating a unique space in your business and you will stand out from the rest of the companies in your sector. For this, it has a company specialized in reception furniture like ours; At Interiorsolutions we offer you solutions tailored to your needs, fully customized through which we will design and manufacture furniture of the highest quality exclusively for your office that represents your brand.



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