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How to Build the Perfect Online Doctor Booking Platform Using a Zocdoc Clone

zocdoc clone app development

Before the pandemic began to enshroud the entire world, a survey revealed the rising importance of the online presence of healthcare providers. At present, amid the COVID pandemic, they are in great demand among patients.

A Zocdoc clone app can bring in greater revenue for a businessperson who wants to make it big in the healthcare service provider business through a telemedicine application.

The online doctor booking platform market is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 12.7% and get valued at more than $600 million by the year 2026. Healthcare providers prefer the potential of a Zocdoc clone that will help take care of the appointments and other activities in a streamlined manner.

Let us now see how Zocdoc clone app solutions provide immense benefits for doctors, patients, other healthcare providers, and administrative personnel during these tough times.

The Benefits of Using a Zocdoc Clone as an Online Doctor Booking Platform

Minimizing Patient Wait Times

Patients must wait in the hospital for a considerable time before receiving treatment and services. It determines a patient’s approval or disapproval of the healthcare provider.

A telemedicine app will help patients get information regarding the schedule of the doctor they want to see. With an appointment booking feature in the app, patients can find the most suitable slot and check themselves in quickly. Furthermore, notifications are sent to patients and doctors in the event of an upcoming appointment.

Patients are inclined to choose providers with short wait times in the clinic. Therefore, the doctor-appointment booking feature in the Zocdoc clone comes with great advantages.

Minimizing Costs

In the USA, the healthcare system loses $150 billion annually due to patients who fail to show up. Telemedicine apps come to the rescue here by cutting down on costs significantly.

With the help of a Zocdoc clone, the no-show ratio can get decreased in many ways. The app will send notifications to the patients and remind them that they have booked an appointment. Also, the notification can serve as a reminder for the patient to cancel the appointment rather than miss it.

Should the cancellation occur, the doctor can shift his focus to other patients who want to visit the doctor.

If a doctor is completely booked, the patient will get notified when new slots open. Should the patient cancel it, the other patients will get notified so they can book immediately for that opening.

Simplifies the Work Involved In Finding a Doctor

The telemedicine app has a listing of doctors. When patients need an immediate appointment but find that their doctor is fully booked, they can look at the schedules of other available doctors at a given hospital.

Increasing Patient Satisfaction

Besides focusing only on doctor appointment booking functionality, the telemedicine app can also focus on other activities. Such functionalities mainly include proper coordination in scheduling and avoiding hurdles. This way, the patients will return for more from the application.

Patients can get prescriptions and thereby avoid visiting doctors when they need renewal. This serves as a benefit for patients suffering from chronic diseases.

Patients can also pay via digital means without having to leave the house and get an insight into what they are paying for.

When building a telemedicine app, ensure that you get a robust Zocdoc clone script from a reliable company that excels in Zocdoc clone app development. The Zocdoc clone app must help meet the needs of patients and make care more accessible. Therefore, telemedicine apps help hospitals attract more patients before retaining them through higher satisfaction levels.

Features of a Typical Zocdoc Clone App

The telemedicine app is used by patients and healthcare providers. There will be two different interfaces and modules.

#1 Important Features of the Patient Module

#2 Important Features of the Doctor Module

#3 Other features include

If building a telemedicine app with the help of a Zocdoc clone script, ensure all the features listed above are present in the app. All these features can surely optimize the user experience and provide a major advantage over the other telemedicine apps on the market.

Revenue Models for Zocdoc Clone App Solutions

Featured below are some effective monetization models for telemedicine apps.

Subscription-Based Model
This monetization model integrated with a telemedicine app is often called the Zocdoc business model. The app has aggregated a monthly audience of 6 million patients and helps them book appointments with the doctor group, comprising more than 50 specialties.

The app is free for patients, but doctors have to pay an annual fee of $3,000 to get displayed on the available healthcare professionals list.

This is another way of generating revenue by displaying relevant advertisements. However, it is a must to ensure that the ads are not shown in excess, which might dampen the user experience.

Paid Features
Integrating paid features for patients belonging to prime membership in the form of remote teleconsultations or making a doctor visit the patient’s residence is also a good monetization strategy.

Commission-based System
Here, the doctors have to pay a portion of their revenue as a commission for all the appointments booked through the telemedicine app.

Paid Listing
For a given doctor, their name will appear at the beginning of the listings in the telemedicine app for an additional payment. Doctors who appear at the beginning will likely see an increase in the number of booked appointments.

With the help of such monetization models, one can optimize the revenue of their telemedicine application. A Zocdoc clone script can get customized to include such monetization models.


Telemedicine apps are considered the future of doctor consultations even after the pandemic. With a Zocdoc clone solution, everything is effectively optimized and neatly organized so that the doctors can provide the best treatment for patients. Patients will also get highly satisfied as consultation and appointment bookings are done with the ease of convenience.

If you are looking for a reliable Zocdoc clone app development company to create an online doctor booking platform, ensure that the team has expertise in healthcare software development. They must assess your app idea and provide the best solution that meets your healthcare service-oriented goals at an affordable cost.

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