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How to Bet on NHL Hockey: An Overview

Many people associate the winter with family gatherings, holidays, snow, and delicious cuisine. But for sports lovers, the National Hockey League and hockey in general rule the winter (NHL). Much of the game is already thrilling. Placing a wager on it might make it even more exciting. Many sports enthusiasts already do this.

But if you have never placed a bet before, you might be startled to hear that you don’t always have to wager on the outcome of an ice hockey game. Nowadays, whether we’re talking about the entire season or specific games, you may wager on various things thanks to online markets like we’ve witnessed over the previous several decades.

This betting flexibility is quite helpful, given the wide range of viewpoints available. Now is the moment to put your hockey expertise to use and earn some cash.

What is NHL Betting?

According to the betting handle, hockey is the fourth most popular sport. As legal sports betting spreads worldwide, betting on hockey has grown in popularity. Even while the fast-paced nature of the sport is thrilling on its own, adding real-money wagers to the mix may heighten the excitement. More than 30 states with legalized sports betting provide internet options for NHL betting.

Different Hockey Bets

Another thing to remember is that even though some of the bets might be highly complicated, your chances of winning are unaffected. It is a typical fallacy where some bettors think that placing more complicated bets would make their odds look more “professional” or that placing more straightforward bets will somehow deprive them of winnings.

What sorts of bets exist is the first issue we needed to examine. So, if you’re considering placing a hockey wager, you can pick from the options below:

1. Totals

This kind of wager is based on the overall number of goals scored throughout the game. In essence, you have to guess the number of goals. You can wager on whether there will be more or fewer than the oddsmakers’ projection when they make their prediction. A minimum of 6 goals must be scored to win them over, and a maximum of 5 goals must be achieved to win the under if the over/under is set at 5.5.

2. Moneyline

The most straightforward hockey wager is the moneyline, which only involves picking the winner of the match. It is most often used, for this reason, making it the most well-known. Therefore, Team B would be the favorite if you were betting on a matchup between Teams A and B, and the odds for Team A were +110, and the odds for Team B were -120. To win $100 on a wager on the favorite, you must stake $120. However, you would gain $110 if you had wagered $100 on Team A.

3. Parlays

In this gamble, you place bets on numerous events. While there are big rewards, there is also a great deal of danger because you must accurately anticipate every result to win the wager. Since two teams are involved and must win their games with extreme accuracy, this is much harder to predict than the result of a whole game.

4. Prop bets

These serve as extra wagers that may be placed on both player performance, often known as player props, and so-called “game props,” simply predictions of specific results in any game. You can wager on one team to score a goal against another, on Team A to win the game by a certain margin, and on similar wagers.

5. Live/In-Game Betting

The ability to wager on games while they are happening is known as live or in-game betting, and it is the last option on the list. The odds for this kind of wager are fluid and alter in response to game circumstances. By doing this, you and the oddsmakers may watch a portion of the game, get a sense of the teams and the environment, and then place your bet. Just remember that the odds will fluctuate as long as the bets are legal, and make your plans accordingly.


Making the correct forecast is crucial in hockey betting, just like in all other sports betting types. The various bet types discussed above are mostly the same regarding hockey betting. Still, they provide more freedom because you can approach any game from any perspective and place bets on many game-related outcomes rather than just on whether Team A or B will win. That being said, if you want to wager on one of the remaining games, use the flexibility the sportsbooks provide for this sport, try to make the most of it, and most importantly — have fun and enjoy the games. Betting on hockey is quite popular, especially when NHL rolls around.


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