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High Quality Keychain Mini Harmonica

Are you a harmonica lover? If so, then you are going to enjoy this informative piece since this whole will be on harmonicas and its various types like keychain mini harmonica, custom harmonica, etc.

Basically, Harmonica is a musical instrument which is played by blowing mouth air in, you can call it to overblow harmonica too. Let’s dive deep into the information of harmonicas.

About Keychain Mini Harmonica

Harmonica is a Musical instrument. The mouth (lips and tongue) is used to move air into or out of one (or more) holes along with a mouthpiece when playing the harmonica. A chamber with at least one reed is hidden behind each hole.

Let’s introduce you to all the parts of harmonicas. 

Here it Is!!


The comb is the backbone of harmonica which gathers with reed plates to produce an air chamber of reeds. It is known as a comb since it is shaped like a hair comb. 

Reed Plate

Reed plate is a network of a plethora of reeds under a single roof. The Reed plate is generally made up of brass. However sometimes, aluminum, plastic, and steel are used. 

It is generally seen that most of the harmonicas are manufactured with reed plates screwed or gobble to each other or comb. But still, there are some brands that use the vintage method of nailing reed plates. 

Cover Plates

The main work of cover plates is to envelop the reed plates. Generally, it is made up of metal but wood and plastic is also used in manufacturing. It is a personal wish since the project sounds like the selected quality of the harmonica.

Wind Saver

Wind saver is mainly consumed when a pair of reeds share a single cell and leakage through the nonplaying reed would be vital. They are generally used in chord harmonicas as well as chromatic harmonicas. 


The mouthpiece sits between the instrument’s air chambers and the player’s mouth. This can be part of the comb (diatonic harmonicas; the Hohner Chrometta), part of the cover, or a separate item (typical of chromatics) attached by screws. 

The mouthpiece is solely an ergonomic assist in many harmonicas, designed to make playing more comfortable. It is necessary for the operation of the traditional slider-based chromatic harmonica because it offers a groove for the slide.

Types Of Harmonica

There are different types of harmonicas which are described below. 

Chromatic Harmonicas

The chromatic harmonica is a type of harmonica that uses a sliding bar with a button to divert air from the mouthpiece hole to the preferred reed plate. 

When the button is not pressed, an altered diatonic major scale in the harmonica’s key is available. Whereas activating the button accesses the same scale a semitone higher in each hole.

Some harmonicas are described below which come under chromatic harmonicas. 

12-hole harmonica

This harmonica is mainly used by beginners mainly because they prefer 12-hole in key “C”. This is in demand since it comes with 3-octave ranges of 48 tones. 12-hole chromatic harmonica is available in different keys. 

16-hole harmonica

This is a greater version than 12-hole harmonica. 16-hole harmonica is having an add-on octave below middle C. It requires much preparation before you come familiar with its full range. 

10-hole harmonica

A 10-hole chromatic has a range of 2 12 octaves. It is similar to the 12-hole chromatic in that it is short and portable, but the note arrangement stops at various positions due to the incomplete octave at the top.

Diatonic Harmonicas

The diatonic harmonica is that type of harmonica that offers manageable utmost chords and scales. The notable playing skills as well as techniques like bendings and overbends elongated the whole range. 

Furthermore, people know diatonic harmonica as blues harp. Keychain mini harmonica is also a part of the diatonic harmonica.

There are some diatonic harmonicas mentioned below.

Polar harmonica

The Harmo Polar harmonica employs an in-house procedure that optimizes it for blues, folk, country, and rock, providing excellent projection, airtightness, and an overblow-friendly starting setup. Tone is full and booming, with a quick response.

Keychain mini harmonica

The keychain mini harmonica could be the Favorite of harmonica lovers since it comes in keychain style. So, there is no need for a harmonica case or any harmonica bag, you can carry it with you all the time with any key. 

Custom Harmonicas 

The custom harmonica is that type of harmonica in which a customer can personalize the harmonica of his/her wish. In that harmonica, a consumer can select all the things of his choice. 

Changeable things are listed below. 

  • Comb
  • Key
  • Tuning
  • Cover
  • Reed setup

Note- You can have laser text on the back of the comb if you choose the wood material of the comb.

Finest Harmonica For beginners

Have you just entered this field? If certain, then you can go with the harmonicas listed below.

If you wanna go with diatonic harmonicas, then for starting you should prefer:

    • Polar Harmonica
  • Keychain mini harmonica

And if you are wishing a chromatic harmonica then you can go with:

  • 12-hole chromatic harmonica
Playing techniques

You must know the techniques of playing the harmonica because without techniques it will not sound good. 

Here are some techniques to play the harmonica.


The harmonica is played breathing air into it, or sucking the air out of it which is known as drawing. Each hole features two reeds, one of which vibrates when you blow and the other vibrators when you draw, resulting in two sounds per reed. 

  • Bending reduces the pitch by a step to one and a half steps, depending on the hole. 
  • Overblowing or overdrawing increases the pitch by a minor third or half step, relying on the hole. 

You should be familiar with the different positions of playing the harmonica. There are numerous positions for playing harmonica, positions which are mostly used are listed below. 

  • Slant harp
  • Straight harp
  • Cross harp
Keychain Mini Harmonica Online

There are several platforms where you can get harmonicas online.  People are getting confused in selecting a specific platform. 

So, in spite of exploring various platforms just like Amazon, ETSY, etc., and mixing your preference with other products, you can just step in Harmo and can get your dream product with one click. 

Hence, it is a harmonica store where you can have different types of harmonicas such as polar harmonica, keychain mini harmonica.

Apart from harmonicas, you can purchase harmonica accessories like a harmonica bag,

harmonica case, etc. from the same platform.


In the end, the harmonica is still in the trend, harmonica never goes out of trend. And the best thing about mini harmonicas like keychain mini harmonica is that it can be carried all the time in the pocket since it is tiny in size. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions

There are various questions from people. So let’s try to clear all of them here only. 

Here we go!!

Playing Harmonica is an easy task?

Certainly, it is easy compared to other musical instruments. In this, you need to focus on breathing. Because the harmonica only plays with breathing and drawing. 

Is Harmonica Good For Health?

Talking about health, yes, the harmonica is good for health. Playing Harmonica enhances lungs capacity as well as boosts breathing muscles.

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