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Grappling Dummies for Training

The best grappling dummies for training

Grappling Dummies:

While sparring, it is not always possible for a sparring partner to available for you. Things might change and you might be left alone in the gym for training, self-defense, etc. In such a situation, you are totally on your own and have to manage something by yourself. So it is important for you to have a grappling dummy in such a situation.
That is why we are here to provide you one of the best Grappling Dummies. Choosing the best grappling dummy is one of the most important things while buying. You have to take care of several things like need, size and uses, etc. These factors are very important and should be kept in mind while choosing a grappling dummy.

Why Grappling Dummies are needed and what are their types?

You can buy grappling dummies for different needs for example for BJJ, MMA or for general practice at home. So for every purpose, grappling dummies are different having different material etc.

Types of Grappling Dummies

Grappling vs. Throwing

Grappling Dummies are lighter in weight and they are more flexible having legs and arms to allow the practice for different movements. These dummies are more comfortable and easy to practice with. While on the other hand the throwing dummies are heavier in weight causing difficulty while throwing them. They are designed for conditioning. They also don’t have any legs and arms so practice for different kind of movements is limited as compared to grappling dummies.
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BJJ Dummies (Brazilian jiu-jitsu)

The BJJ dummies comes in different positions. Two of the important positions are as follow.
1. This position allows practicing from close guards or back. Different moves like triangle
chokes, Kimora etc can be performed on this dummy.
2. These allows you to practice simple knee to belly moves because they are lying back on
The BJJ dummies comes in many verities serving multiple purposes. And everyone have their own specifications. Some of the best BJJ Grappling dummies are as follow.

Celebrita BJJ grappling Dummies

These ring to cage dummies are so versatile and they come in different sizes. But it is important for you to know that these dummies comes unfilled and you have to take care of filling yourself. So this allows you to determine the weight of the dummy. But filling by yourself can also be challenging.

Ring to cage jiu-jitsu Dummies

This ring to cage dummy is high quality but it is not as versatile as the other ring to cage dummy. This Dummy has no hands so performing different movements will not be possible with these dummies. Their arms are fixed in their place. They also comes in different sizes.

MMA Dummies

These dummies are prepared keeping in mind the specialty of the sports so they are more durable. Other than this they almost have the same compatibility as BJJ Dummies and they also come in variety of dummies.

Daan MMA Grappling Dummy

If you are short on budget and want a cheap dummy then this Dummy might be the right choice for you. This dummy can be used at home for practicing. But due to not having durability of some withstand practice of 3-4 hours daily, it can’t be used in gym. The dummy is inexpensive and is quite versatile because it has hands and feet. But its arms are usually short, so you have to have practice to get used to it. These dummies does not come in different size, it only have one size and also it is unfilled, so you have to take care of the filling yourself.

Heavy Bag/ Title MMA legged Grappling Dummy

The best thing about title MMA dummy is that it can be used as heavy bags as well, like you can hang them and can practice for punching as well. They have a chain attached to them that can be used for hanging and later on you can remove that chain as well. These are high quality MMA

Grappling Dummies.

The drawback of these dummies is that they have no feet so you cannot practice that movement using these dummies. However all other sorts of hands and other movements can be done conveniently with these dummies.
Which grappling Dummies is the best to choose? To help you with choosing best dummies, we will explain both verities that comes in dummies. The dummy you buy can be filled and it can also be unfilled. Let us tell the benefits and
drawbacks of both.
Filled Grappling Dummy:
Filled grappling dummy is uniform and equally dense through the complete dummy, but they are heavy and cost of their shipping may increase. But they are best in the term that they are filled equally and you will have no issues with filling material etc.
Unfilled Grappling Dummy:
Unfilled grappling dummies are light in weight and thus cost of their shipping is cheap. You
have to fill them yourself which is quite challenging. Though you can change the weight
according to your need, but the drawback is that you have to have strong skills of filling in order
to make it uniform and equally dense that is quite difficult. Also you have to worry about the
filling material and how to choose best filling material.
So we would recommend filled dummy due to their features. Because there is no reason to
choose unfilled dummies unless you need their benefits.


You should have all the necessary information before buying the Grappling dummies. The
Different types of Grappling dummies, we reviewed above are best. And if you are looking
forward to go for them, then you should go without any worry.
Just leave us a message and leave the rest
our team. Pro boxing Equipment will provide you
with one of the best grappling dummies ever.

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