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Google virtual tour – An Essential Business Marketing tool

Google has added Google Virtual Tour or Street View feature to the widely used Google Maps program. This smart tool allows the consumers to take a virtual tour of different business organizations. By using this cutting-edge technology, the consumers are able to explore a business space, minutely examine all the details of its interiors and gather the information through incredible imagery, without actually visiting the site.

In addition, search engine optimization has an essential role to play when it comes to maintaining online business rankings and marketing. When you integrate this virtual tour in your business, you automatically increase your presence across all the Google platforms, including Google Places and Google Maps. This way you are able to outshine your competitors and bring down their rankings.

What are the benefits of a virtual tour? 

Almost every business with a site, office or a store can tremendously benefit from a high-tech virtual tour. As it allows the consumers to completely connect with your business online and experience the feeling of actually walking through the doors of your site. If you are still doubtful, there are some other benefits listed below that you must take a look at.

  1. Helps gain customers’ trust – A professionally designed virtual tour allows people to enjoy an immersive view of your location, without stepping out of their home. Additionally, this shows that you have nothing to hide, which gives people the confidence to visit to your property.
  2. Convery the hard to describe qualities – With a 360 Google Virtual Tour, you do not have to describe impressive artwork, beautiful fixtures and other fine elements with fancy words. The customers can instantly see everything with their own eyes. Moreover, such professionally crafted tours allow them to zoom in and get a clear picture about the services they will be paying for.
  3. You get to use it on other platforms – A virtual tour can be embedded and shared on various other platforms as well. To begin with, you can add it to your official website to make it even more impactful. Similarly, you can post it on Facebook or any social media platform that has 360 support to ensure that people easily find you and follow all your updates or upcoming events.
  4. It is a one-time investment – Not only the cost of photography or the tour production is low but the entire process involves a one-time fee. Once successfully designed and published on Google, then it stays there forever. Hence, you can definitely consider this as an indispensable part of your growing business.
  5. Increases business revenue – Virtual tours display your business 24×7 and make it convenient for the prospective consumers to virtually pay a visit to your location. Also, the research reports suggest that those who take virtual tours are twice as likely to book a reservation at your place. This further increases your bookings and improves your revenue graph.

So, by leveraging Google Virtual Tour, you can attract the target audience and allow them to experience your products and services through their own eyes. This is an indispensable business tool through which you can strengthen your position in the highly competitive

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