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FACTS! Everything You Need To Know About Flower

FACTS! Everything You Need To Know About Flower

About flower and Celebration, festival, date, house-warming, anniversary, birthdays! What is the first thing that popped up in your mind upon hearing these terms? Let me guess! Flowers, right? Yes, I did no magic spell, it was quite obvious. For every celebration festival or any other significant occasion in our life, flowers play a major role in making the day special and successful. From making your date fall head over heels in love with you or making your parents blush on their 50th marriage anniversary, flowers are the best gifting option.

Besides, not just a flawless gifting option, flowers are also considered the best decorative be it for home decoration or be it for decorating the venue of the function. Since the justification for these two statements can be given based upon the plethora of flowers available in the market. Flowers come in various colors, shades and sizes. So, they allow us to be creative and can do wonders with them as decorations and gifts for our close ones.

Also, another reason for flowers being all trendy among us is that they are easily available these days online so you can get your favorite flowers at your doorstep through online flower delivery. Also, tell one person, be it your mother, father, siblings, grandparents, best friend, colleagues, your girlfriend/boyfriend, etc, who does not drool over the beauty of flowers? Yes, flowers are totally irresistible and can melt any heart. Irrespective of gender and age, flowers tend to please anybody and everybody. and So, let flowers creep into your life and see how logically everything turns out to be positive. 

A Brief Throwback about Flowers History:

Antiquity is evidence that flowers have been holding a special place in our lives. Yes, they did, they do and they will. Talking about the evidence, ancient Egyptians paintings talk about the lotus flower, whereas ancient Romans have depicted trees, flowers and gardens. Wait, there’s more. Gothics used the concept of flowers to mark their important people of the time.

The link between the flowers and Christianity was made quite evident in the age of renaissance. However, it is during the 17th and 18th centuries (Dutch and French colonies basically) that takes the credits of popularizing flowers on a huge scale. Hence, it is during this time that the beauty of flowers and their aroma was introduced to bless the human race. Apart from the paintings, the stores and myths from ancient times to involve flowers and flowers emerge out to be very important in that era. 

So, that’s how we can conclude that universal appealing flowers had and have been prevailing and shall always prevail over mankind. 

Upshots Of Flowers:

Have you ever met a person receiving or buying flowers while holding a grudge? No? Me neither. Flowers never fail to put a smile on the lips. The way flowers delight a person, the way flowers fill a person with sheer joy and happiness, the way flowers boost a person’s mood, we have been provided with scientific proofs that tell us that flowers have been a positive source of energy for people and a blessing on humankind too. 

Talking on practical grounds, the effects of flowers are interestingly immediate. Yes, think about that spontaneous smile, the tears of joy. The eyes full of pride and love, yes, these all are the instant results that can be witnessed in many occasions often. The reason behind the results being spontaneous is that flowers release oxytocin. Hence filling the person with sheer happiness and love. If you wish to en-thrill love with your loved one, do make flowers your medium. Flowers will help you bond and connect well. 

Another point, why flowers can be claimed as saviours, is that they are an ideal way to seek apologies. Yes, so, if you have messed up a big-time with your loved ones, do send flowers to pune to them, so you pop up a cute smile on their cute face. Eventually, flowers improve relationships and communication between people. 

Now, another major point that is a proponent of flowers as being man’s best friend. Is that they help us get rid of anxiety, stress and depression. Yes, this point is also verified with scientific explanation. People who tend to worry and stress over anything and everything. Have claimed to feel much better and notice a significant change in themselves. They assert that they are more optimistic and happier when surrounded by flowers. 

Last but not the least, did you ever notice. Some houses give you a more cozy and welcoming vibe than others? If yes, do you know the underlying reason? It is because of the house’s decoration strongly dominated by flowers. The fresh and well arrangement of flowers delights the guests. The guests get positive vibes from the house as well.

Etiquettes In Gifting flowers:

Before you gift a flower to someone you love, care, respect and admire. Do not forget the messages different flowers convey. The messages comprise I am sorry, I love you, Take care, Get well soon or Thank you. So, the flower you pick should appropriately convey your message to the right person at the right occasion. Likewise, different flowers, the colours of flowers also have meanings.

To quote you an example, one flower may be suitable for an occasion like a birthday or wedding. However, the same flower might not be suitable for an event like that of a funeral, right? Hence, be very picky and do your homework before selecting gorgeous flowers for your loved ones. Once done, you can also order flowers online for your loved ones and let it reach them at their doorstep to keep the surprise element intact. Yes, these little gestures matter a lot in maintaining strong and healthy relationships. 

So, with the ever-increasing online and offline florist market. Do not forget to indulge about flowers into your life and fill it with aroma. 

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