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Essential Trip Planning For Your Roman Holiday

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Now that you have finally planned an Italy trip and are determined to taste the true “la dolce vita” in Rome. We have brought you a list of the essentials you need to keep in your mind before going any further trip planning. 

Follow our simple tips and make the most of this trip planning.

Also, do not forget to make American airlines reservations for the best deals. Planning does seem like a boring task. However, our essentials will make your trip even more memorable! Keep reading. 

Understand The Culture

Planning a trip somewhere and not knowing its culture can cause some serious confusion and thus ruin your well-planned journey. It is important to understand Rome’s History before going there. Open your laptop, do some research and find what amazes you the most. You will perceive the depth and complications engraved within the thick walls of Roman architecture. Doing some research or refreshing your memory on things you learned long back at school can embellish your Roman journey. 

Understand The Landscape 

Rome is a magical sound in itself. However, have you ever wondered what makes it captivating anyway? Its landscape is the true definition of beauty. Before stepping into Rome, we recommended watching some movies such as “Roman Holiday” and a Spanish film “La Grande Bellezza” as they can familiarize you with the Roman Landscapes even better. You will already have a list of places to visit once you are in Rome. The movie “To Rome With Love” will spellbind you to roam on the Roman streets and explore every bit of it. 

Find The Best Flight Options

It has become easier to travel to Rome via plane as most of the airlines fly to Rome. If you are flying from one of the European spots, we recommend looking from low-cost airlines such as EasyJet, Vueling, or Ryanair. 

However, if you are flying from a different continent, you may want to look for a larger airline that may even have a country’s capital layover. 

Some of the most popular airlines include Etihad, Alitalia, Emirates, Qatar, Turkish, Lufthansa, and so on. Pick whichever suits you the best. 

You Can Also Consider A Train Trip

Train trips are the best if you are already in Italy. It is the best and most eco-friendly option available in this scenario. The most popular train services are Trenitalia and Italo Treno. Both the trains cover a major part of the country. If you wish to explore the rural part of Rome, Trenitalia is the best option; however, for those interested in only the city life, Italiano Treno is the option for you. 

What Are The Essentials You Must Pack?

Your essentials depend upon the weather over there; if it is winder, make sure you have enough warm clothes. For summers, sunscreen and goggles are must-haves. If it is Autumn there, do not forget to keep an umbrella with you at all times.  

But ultimately, it all comes to one factor, and that is the Rome Weather. 

What To See In Rome?

Rome has a lot to offer, and you might not even explore all of it in one trip. However, we have prepared a list of places to visit in Rome which would last you not more than a few hours. You can feel the essence of areas you would have otherwise ignored, and it is a great idea to explore the city from different angles. 

Best Hotels In Rome 

Most people get confused when it comes to hotel booking; everyone wants a comfy spot near famous landmarks, especially without spending a fortune.

You can look for the best areas nearby. Look through all the websites, compare the deals and pick the most suitable options. 

There are a heck of options available to you, be it a budget stay, 5-star- B and B, or Apartments. You can also consider being a paying guest in certain areas if you are looking for the comfort of a home. 

Best Eateries 

This Political and culinary capital of Italy has a lot to give to its visitors. No matter what your food preference is, there is always something for everyone. Be it the Nepali food with an Italian touch, Chinese-Italian cuisine, pizzas (the originality of Italy), and even vegan food. We bet you will never be disappointed with the options they have to offer. You can save on your budget with Jetblue Booking and use the amount to explore even more Italian delicacies. 


We have mentioned some tips to keep in mind through this article’s medium before planning a trip to Rome. Being the Political Capital of the country, it possesses all the cultural treasures and heritage. It is always important to do some homework about the history and other aspects before stepping into this wonderful destination. It is a must-visit place with lots of outstanding features.

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