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Epic EMR vs. Cerner EMR Review of 2021

Are you looking for top Epic EMR vs. Cerner EMR reviews of 2021? Hospitals face a lot of problems when choosing the right EMR for their practice. However, that doesn’t mean you have to as well. We’ve prepared this guide to help walk you through both Epic EMR and Cerner EMR – Which ones the right choice for you?

Despite the fact that all healthcare IT vendors offer similar services, the systems have some important differences. Let’s compare two of the biggest EMRs: Cerner and Epic.

Cerner has a large market share among hospitals with 100-250 beds, while Epic serves large hospitals.

Differentiate Between Cerner and Epic

Cerner EMR might be the more popular option among medical practices. Though Epic EMR is not far behind and is striving to appeal to small hospitals and independent practices alike.


Installation and Implementation – Cerner Vs. Epic

Both Cerner and Epic have a bad reputation when it comes to EMR implementation. Users of Epic EHR often end up spending millions of dollars on their installations even when they did not expect it to. However, Epic has a slight edge in terms of being easier to use and navigate.

Using Cerner, users will find the task list convenient since all items necessary to chart are compiled into one list. This would make it easier to document your implementation process.


Read our detailed comparison of Cerner EMR vs. Epic EMR.


Integrations and Interoperability – Cerner Vs. Epic

Without integration with other technologies and connectivity with external databases, an EHR is not as useful. In order to integrate Cerner with external systems, Cerner has built three platforms. Essentially, this ensures that all of your financial, clinical, and operational data is connected. 

In order to improve interoperability with third-party solutions, Cerner EMR is striving to offer application program interfaces. Conversely, Epic’s aging technology and lack of integrations have been criticized.

Moreover, Cerner is a big proponent of interoperability. The Cerner website includes the Interoperability Ticker to track pharmacy and clinical transactions as well as healthcare data exchange. Contrary to its competitors, Epic offers a lower level of interoperability, although they are making progress in this regard.

However, Epic EMR can be connected to other EHR software via a direct protocol. This means Epic has the advantage over Cerner when it comes to connectivity with other EHR solutions.


User interface – Cerner Vs. Epic

Health executives prefer a simpler user interface for increased EHR use. While there a few complaints that Cerner’s UI is not so intuitive as they expect, Cerner’s usability is seen as superior to other EHRs.

Most of the complaints about Cerner EMR’s UI include that it’s difficult to navigate, which takes away the user focus from patient care. Their UI system is cumbersome, hindered by poor design, and severely unintuitive.

On the other hand, Epic has a reputation for being straightforward to use and very easy to integrate, so that users can easily navigate between documents and notes. After you master Epic, the EMR solution is easy to use, and it’s actually quite straightforward.


24/7 Customer support

An unhindered customer support package is crucial to any technical solution. The Cerner Support Team enjoys a great reputation for providing 24/7 technical support. You will find that it has a very helpful, intelligent, and dedicated support staff that’s dedicated to your growth.

Epic also offers exceptional technical support. Despite this, Cerner does have the advantage of offering better support.


Which One To Choose: Epic EMR vs. Cerner EMR?

Practice size

Larger hospitals prefer Epic EMR, while smaller ones opt for Cerner EMR.


For those on a tight budget and with financial constraints, Cerner would be a better option. Although Epic is quite pricey for well-off buyers, it’s worth it.

  • Cerner EMR Pricing starts at $25/month/user.
  • Epic EMR Pricing includes $1,200 on-time licensing fees.

Remote setup

Epic EMR only offers self-hosted servers, while Cerner EMR offers you a cloud-based solution you can use on the go. The Cerner brand is well-known in the international market and sales. In addition to hospitals, their EHR has expanded into non-hospital fields, such as pharmacies.

With the help of third-party apps, both EMR software are enabling patients to access their health information through mobile apps. By doing so, information will be shared between apps.


Bottom Line: Which is Better EHR?

Between Epic and Cerner, which one should you choose? Making the choice between two of the top-tier EMR software – Epic EMR and Cerner EMR – is not easy. However, a test drive might be worthwhile before you make a final decision and make your decision easier. Once you decide which electronic health records solutions you want to use, it will be easier to make a decision.

In this blog, we’ve walked you through a detailed comparison of Epic EMR and Cerner EMR. All of the aspects we’ve talked about are based on Epic EMR reviews and Cerner EMR reviews.

If you still have questions about which EHR is better for your medical facility, you can contact HIT experts at Software Finder for a detailed demo. I believe they have the knowledge, the database, and the years of experience to guide you through the sea of confusion and help you avoid unnecessary mistakes when choosing between Epic and Cerner.

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