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Enjoy A Camel Trekking Tour In Dubai

Enjoy A Dune Bashing Tour In Dubai

Camel trekking in Dubai Desert is not a new adventure in adventure tourism. Many tourists from all over the world have been conquering the great desert for the camels for quite some time now. Camel trekking in Dubai is one of those adventure activities that has gained huge popularity among adventure enthusiasts. You can experience this great adventure activity during the early morning to evening during the peak season of the year.

Perfect time to do Camel trekking

This is the perfect time to enjoy the adventure and thrill of Camel trekking in Dubai Desert. Riding on the back of a camel along the most stretched tracks of the dunes is indeed, adventurous. You also get to witness the most amazing wildlife thriving in the scorched heat of the sand dunes. Camel trekking in Dubai gives you the unique opportunity to enjoy the best camel trekking Dubai experiences.

Camel trekking in Dubai will take you through the Thule Hada desert. It takes you through an area known as Al Milh, Al Maktoum, Al Hajar Mountains as well as the Ghaziabad oasis. To make your Dubai adventure more fun-filled, plan a visit to one of the many camel trekking Dubai tour packages. Some of these tours package include a pick up from your hotel, transportation, and meals. They also provide you with a variety of overnight accommodations including hotels, guesthouses and caravan parks.

To make your Dubai trip even more enjoyable, select a Dubai camel trekking tour package that includes a variety of activities and amenities. The Deira Desert is among the most popular destinations in Dubai. During your Dubai camel trekking excursion, you can participate in camel riding, sand dune bashing, or desert camping. Desert camping in the Al Hajar Mountains located to the south of Dubai gives you the chance to enjoy the cool breeze and view of sparkling sand.

Some Other Activities

Other popular trekking destinations include Al Barakat and Al Ummair. On your camel trekking Dubai tour, enjoy a full 45 minute session of camel safari in the Al Hajar Mountains. Bring your binoculars to take full advantage of this incredible view. Besides the amazing views, the dune bushes offer you the unique chance to spot the endangered Red Jungle Deer, Leopard Deer, Hyena, Wolf, and Wild Boar.

Other popular trekking destinations include Al Ummair and Al Barakat. You can organize a one hour camel trekking Dubai tour in the beautiful deserts of Sharjah. The Sharjah Jumeirah International Airport is the nearest airport to the deserts of Sharjah. There are various tour operators who will arrange for a group tour of camel trekking Dubai. Choose the company which offers the best deals, and includes all amenities and activities during your desert safari.

How to do Camel Trekking

A Sharjah camel trekking trip is a must for all travelers, especially those who love to camp out in the hot desert sun. The Sharjah area has far stretched boundaries with many hotels, resorts, and activities which tourists love to visit. Taking a camel trekking trip is like enjoying a retreat in the most picturesque location. A Sharjah camel trekking adventure will let you trek through vast tracts of territory, with far stretched boundaries between the rocky mountains and endless sands.

The journey takes you through an area rich in fauna and flora. You will see exotic animals like ibex, zebra, wildebeests, lions, leopards, zebras and antelopes roaming freely on the sands. The Sharjah National Park and wildlife sanctuaries offer a wonderful home to varied species of desert animals and birds. After trekking through the dunes you will be awed by the sight of bright orange, red, yellow and green crops dotting the landscape.

Sightseeing Tours

Sharjah’s crop fields are highly productive as it takes less time to grow produce. Sharjah also boasts of some of the best camel farms and grazing grounds. Here you will enjoy the fresh complimentary drinks of delicious fruits and ice-cream. There are many exciting and attractive tourist attractions near the desert areas, and camel riding is a must on your Sharjah camel trekking tour.

The heat of the desert can make one’s skin dry. Hence, a camel tour in Dubai will prove to be a refreshing experience. Sharjah is also famous for its wildlife living. You will find varied species of mammals, reptiles and birds roaming freely on the desert sands. Besides, the Sharjah National Park and Zaer Forest are home to a number of exotic animal species.

camel trekking in Dubai gives you an opportunity to have a glimpse of the flora and fauna of the Arabian Desert. It is an exhilarating, memorable and rejuvenating safari that will leave you eager to return to the place for another safari adventure in Sharjah. So, pack your bags and get ready to embark on a camel trekking Dubai tour. Option for the Best camel safari Dubai tour that takes you to the far stretched boundaries of the desert. This trip will be a wonderful retreat for you from the hectic life of the city.


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