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Enhance your customer service with excellent delivery software

delivery software

Conduct Efficient Delivery Services To Your Customers

A significant aspect that helps you expand your business is your customer service. A business grows if customers are satisfied with the company’s service also and not just the product. A company should have exemplary customer service to gain regular and long-time customers or clients. Delivery experience is a big part of customer service.

Let’s suppose the customer was delivered the wrong product or got their delivery late. These accidents make people lose faith in the company, and you lose your customers. Every business needs a definitive delivery management system to offer good delivery services.

How can anyone create a proper delivery management system?

A proper delivery management system is a tricky thing to form. It becomes more challenging to create a suitable DMS if you own a small-scale company. However, with the help of delivery management software, you don’t need to create a DMS. It is already created and can be used to offer the right customer experience. It helps you manage the delivery process with ease and keep delivery records for future use.

What is a Delivery Management Software? Why is it important?

Delivery software helps people manage their delivery services efficiently. You can organize everything from order placement to delivery assignments through the software. You can oversee the process yourself or can make the task easier for the logistic team. It is essential to have a delivery management system for your business as it improves your customer’s experience with your company. A happy customer means a happy business. It is beneficial for the company, delivery drivers and end customers. The delivery software provides the driver with a traffic-free route and keeps the customer informed throughout the process about their order.

Before you get a delivery software, look at some of the essential features of a DMS-

A delivery software tracks the vehicle of drivers, and managers get live locations. ETA is also provided by the software with an efficient route. The drivers can also share live locations with customers. It helps managers properly keep drivers in check. This way they won’t waste any time on the road and deliver the parcels on time. It keeps your drivers loyal, and also ensures the security of customers’ orders. They won’t displace the parcel on purpose.

You can also allocate them the next delivery assignment when they complete the first one; through the delivery software. Since the software has all the delivery records, it chooses the driver nearest to the location for delivery assignment. This feature helps you allocate drivers their assignments considering their live locations. This feature also helps in saving fuel money.

Every logistic team needs a centralised system to keep records of a delivery system. Delivery software provides you with a streamlined system to organize your deliveries. You can keep all information regarding deliveries in the system and can accomplish many tasks too. A centralised system helps to analyse the delivery system which in turn helps you improve it.

You can keep a record of your delivery courier. Their ID, address details, contact details etc., can be stored in one place. You can also save the list of deliveries they are assigned and have completed to track their progress. It will also help you to understand their driving speed and allocate deliveries suitably. Contact details are also essential in case of robbery or misplaced order.

Many DMS apps have the feature which provides delivery process updates to the customer. Customers get notifications and e-mails about every step of the process. They will know when their product is being dispatched when it is shipped, and when it will arrive. Many apps give a better estimated time of arrival than others. Choose one which has top-level features. You can also share the driver’s live location with your customers, which makes it easier for them to track orders.

Offer The Best Customer Service With A DMS

The above were some benefits of a delivery system. However, you will buy delivery software to enhance your company’s customer service. To do that, you need to know what an exemplary user experience entails:

The customers have their life and can’t just sit around the house waiting for parcels. If the ETA is incorrect, it causes trouble in customers’ plans. An exact ETA helps them plan their day according to their comfort. Since they need to decide whether they need to be home for a parcel or not, an exact ETA is a must.

Nothing makes a customer happier than the same-day or next-day delivery. Try to take more orders from nearby areas or send far-away orders with drivers who live near the location. A good delivery management system picks an efficient and fast route for the drivers based on the traffic and weather forecasting of the delivery area. It helps couriers reach the location on the expected time. The app also changes the route if the traffic grows. Hire drivers from all around the area in which you deliver products. This way you can ensure that the drivers know the area well and can deliver the parcels faster. Especially with an efficient route-optimization feature by delivery software.

Give your customers a flexible time frame for deliveries. They should be able to choose freely when the order would arrive. You can’t just plan deliveries according to your other delivery schedules. Customers should know that their comfort is their priority. Customers should pick the time frame for delivery without any restriction. Since the app provides drivers with traffic-free route optimization, on-time delivery is possible. Fast deliveries mean, you won’t have to worry about fitting the delivery schedule according to your time frame.

The customers should be given the option of no-contact deliveries. After the pandemic, people have become aware and conscious of their safety. The driver should have a vaccination certificate uploaded to the delivery software. Delivery software helps couriers to keep all work-related information centralized.

Delivery software helps you create a systemised list of orders. This way you hand out correct orders to your drivers. However, sometimes it is the drivers who make mistakes. They have many parcels with them and accidentally drop off the wrong order at the wrong location. To avoid this, they get a bar code through the app. The scan gives them order details so that before dropping off parcels, they can verify them.

Other Important Aspects of Delivery Tracking

Delivery tracking software helps you track progress on the delivery management process by keeping records of old deliveries. At the end of the month or quarterly, you can analyse the number of deliveries accomplished on ETAs, late deliveries, wrong dispatch order numbers and much more. Such analysis helps you improve the delivery system. You can notice the issues with your system and can offer better services in future.

You have important data regarding your orders and deliveries in the delivery tracking app. Every business wants to keep its records secured. Before you get a delivery tracking app, ensure it has reliable confidentiality policies. Also check if you can keep your data in form of pie charts, graphs etc. It is easier to understand and track the progress.

Through such apps, one can keep different information together. You can keep personal details of couriers, their idle time details, and their speed records. These data help you check employees’ (couriers) efficiency. It helps you allocate the right assignments to suitable drivers. You can also keep fuel details. You can check if the routes suggested by your chosen app are helping you reduce fuel costs or not.

Now that you know the benefits of delivery tracking software, you can make an informed decision. You should understand that delivery software helps you more than in one way. It helps you increase your profit in many ways. With the help of efficient route-optimization drivers save time and fuel, regular updates help customer trust your company, and organizing delivery processes from a single app saves your money and time. All these things add up and help you gain more customers and increase company profit.

In A Nutshell

You are now aware of every possible feature of delivery management software. Get an ideal software with all the right features like route optimization, and dispatch allocation. It should also be highly secured, so your information doesn’t get leaked. A delivery tracking software should provide both the logistic team and the customer. Delivery tracking has become crucial considering people now order expensive items from standard apps. Wrong order dispatch or the driver steals the package or the company defrauds the customer; Every case can be avoided with appropriate DMS.

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