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Drug addiction & its treatment

Drug addiction & its treatment

Drug addiction is a serious stage of acquiring certain drugs on a regular basis. This is the condition in which these drugs are potentially damaging the health of the patient but he is not able to control his desire of taking drugs again and again. There are many reasons for which a normal person gets involved in this habit but letting himself involved more and more does not remain in his own control. It starts from a little dosage due to any reason and becomes a habit if the person feels pleasure after taking this. When the person reaches to poor condition, his mental abilities are so affected that he does not even want to accept his physical and mental condition and do not to get treatment from a medical specialist. He himself suffers due to his bad habits also his family is disturbed.

Rehabilitation center

Rehabilitation centers are specialized centers, established in almost every country to treat drug-addicted patients. They have all the essential facilities which are required to treat severely ill patients by admitting them in the hospitals. In Pakistan, it is now more focused by the government to control increasing drug addiction, especially in the young generation. That’s why rehabilitation centers are established in almost every big city. Social welfare organizations are also working in this field and have established rehabilitation centers. They convince the patients to get treatment from the center and leave this bad habit. A lot of patients recover and gets back into their normal life every year due to the efforts of medical specialists in rehabilitation centers.

Rehabilitation center in Lahore

Lahore is the capital city of Punjab province and posses all the medical facilities to cater to a large number of patients not only from Punjab but also across the country. There are various rehabilitation centers in the city but Koshish Clinic is the best Drugs treatment clinic. The center is specialized for the treatment of drug addiction, alcoholism, psychological issues, and other related behavior problems. The center is open all day and night to take care of the admitted patients and to check the newly reported cases. Doctors and psychiatrists follow the specific treatment plans after the first examination of the patient. Koshish clinic offers its patients a very satisfying environment free of drugs.

Rehab center for addiction in Lahore
Rehab center for addiction in Lahore

Overview of a complete day in rehab

Medical staff at Koshish clinic works their best to take out the patient from the influence of the drugs. They try their best to change the lifestyle of the patient. Below is discussed about the routine of the patient in a rehab center. If you are worried that what will happen to you if you get admitted to the center, do not get worried. Read the complete article to know what happens exactly.

Morning routine

As per the famous proverb, “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”, all the patients are encouraged to wake early in the morning. Yoga trainer takes a session and guides the patients about yoga. Then a healthy breakfast is served at the start of the day. They are involved in healthy habits so that they may follow them regularly even after discharge from the center. After breakfast, there are sessions with the psychologist to change their state of mind. These sessions may be in the group form to discuss various issues and all the individuals are free to participate. They recognize various issues in their life which could be solved easily without getting depressed. Also learn to avoid those people who might be the reason behind your involvement in this habit. Specific medication which is part of the treatment is also given to the patients.

Afternoon routine

Medical staff checks the patient and gives medicines properly. Also, there are meetings with the psychiatrists individually to check the progress of the treatment. Family counseling or group sessions are also conducted as per desire. A healthy meal is also served.


In the evening, some free hours are given to the patients. He chooses the activity as per his desire. He may take rest, do exercise, watch Tv, or read the newspaper.

Night routine

At bedtime, patients are encouraged to sleep early as it will pose a good effect on their health. Necessary medicines are given to them along with the meal.

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