Day School vs. Boarding School – Which One to Choose

Schooling is the most integral part of every child’s life; they receive basic knowledge and develop the skills to carry forward in life. Parents invest a lot in their children’s education. Everything they learn in their initial years of development can be impactful throughout their lives.

Most families are living in a nuclear setting nowadays, which means both the parents are working these days. They are not able to invest much time on their child’s development. They usually prefer sending them to either daycare after regular school or to boarding school.

Let us explore the difference between day school and boarding school. This will help you understand the criteria based on which you can choose if you are looking for what kind of school you want to put your child in.

What are boarding schools?

They are residential schools where students are allotted hostel to live on the campus away from parents and visit their home only during vacations. They live with many other students and are supervised by wardens who ensure that every student follows a proper routine and work according to their schedule.

There is a proper time allotted for each activity; from waking up, meal time to study time, they have to go through a proper time table.

There is a learning environment which is provided to students and an inspiring atmosphere which make the student develop new skills and explore their talent.

What are day schools?

Day schools, whether private or public, have allotted a few hours for studies after which they go back home. These schools are usually for 6-7 hours. Here, what children do after school hours depend on whether they join anything or not. It depends upon the parents and children.

There are a series of lectures that happen in a day since every hour is allotted to different subjects which are taught by different teachers.

These schools operate on weekdays only, where both the parents and students are required to make efforts along with the school to work on the education of the child. They get to meet their family, friends, and relatives all the time.

Pros and cons of sending your child to boarding school



Pros and cons of sending your child to day school




Both the schools come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Depending upon your budget and feasibility, you can choose either a boarding school or a day school. Before making any decision, consider your child’s needs and see if he or she is ready to be a  part of your decision.

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