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Create and launch your on-demand home services app using the Urbanclap clone script

A descriptive guide to create and launch a successful Urbanclap clone app

On-demand multi-services is not a novelty. Technology advancements and mobile apps have changed the way people avail themselves of on-demand services. With growing requirements for various services, people seek multi-service apps. 

In existence, there are so many apps available in the market. Among them, UrbanClap has experienced huge growth. The net worth of Urban Company (UrbanClap) in 2017 is $1.6 million, whereas in 2019, its net worth increased to $17 million. This is evident that the revenue generation has been increased to a great extent. Let us see a few of the quick facts of UrbanClap.  

It was founded by Abhiraj Bhal, Varun Khaitan, and Raghav Chandra in 2014. Within a few years, the net worth of it increased and so many entrepreneurs are aspiring to develop a similar app with UrbanClap Clone script. As of now, UrbanClap has more than 3 million users. In 2020, the net worth increased to $29.59 million. There are 107 services available on the app. 

UrbanClap clone app – What is its workflow?

As an entrepreneur, if you decide to create the Urban Company clone app and launch it on iOS & Android, it is a great option. Before that, you have to know the functionality of an on-demand multi-services app. The app follows two different operations. Let us see them in the steps below.

On the Service provider side,

  • Upon installing the app, the service provider has to register by specifying the necessary information
  • Once the customer chooses a particular service provider, the respective service provider gets a notification regarding the service if he/she has the option to accept or decline the service request.
  • Suppose, the service provider accepts the request, the app notifies both the service provider and the customer.
  • In case, the service provider declines the service request due to any reasons, he/she has to pay a cancellation fee. 

On the customer side,

  • Customers who want to avail themselves of the on-demand service have to download and install the app on their smartphone. 
  • Upon registering with the app using an email address or phone number, they can search and select the service they need.
  • Then, the customers have to specify the date & time for availing of the service as per their convenience.
  • Apart from that, customers can check the service provider profile. The app offers various payment options so that the customer can select any one of the available payment options according to their preference.
  • Finally, the app notifies them to provide feedback and put ratings for the service.

Key features to consider while developing the Urban Company clone app

Well, hoping so, it is clear how the UrbanClap clone app works. The next important parameter you have to consider is feature-set integration. Below are a few of the salient features of the UrbanClap like app.

  • The app supports the Multiple-payment gateway integration so that customers can prefer any payment method with ease. In general, payments can be made via debit/credit card, in-app wallet, net banking, online digital payment, and cash payment. Even though the world is digitized, some prefer cash payment. So, do not opt-out of all popular payment options. 
  • Usually, the customers have to sign up with the app by providing their basic information at the beginning. This might be a quite lengthy process. So, you can offer a Quick registration process in which they can register with the app using their social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. 
  • The app displays details regarding the service, including the service provider’s location, service charges, and ratings/reviews. However, customers can browse with a keyword that matches their requirements using the Search option. 
  • When you plan to launch your multi-service app globally, the app has to be incorporated with the Multi-language feature. Multilingual options include English, German, French, and much more. So, the customers can change the app language according to their preferences.

Making revenue using these income-generating streams

Now, let us come to the foremost point of making revenue from the UrbanClap clone. As the UrbanClap script is a profitable solution, you can consider the following income-generating streams to make the most out of your app after deployment.

  • Sponsored profile-based revenue model

Sponsored profile advertisement is different from in-app advertising. Because, the service provider can post or promote their service. By doing this, the respective service provider will be at the top of the search results whenever customers browse for the service. You can charge a specific amount of money from the service provider for posting their profiles in the app.

  • Commission-based revenue model

This revenue model is an effective way to earn income from the app. As the app offers multiple services, you can charge the service provider a certain percentage of money as a commission for each completed service. Besides this, you can charge a fee if the service provider cancels the service request. 

  • In-app advertising-based revenue model

You can let third-parties promote their services that are related to the on-demand services. Collect some money from them based on the click-through rate, impressions, and views. 

  • Lead generation-based revenue model

Instead of the customers searching for the service provider, they can post their requirements in the app. You will help the customers to find a suitable service provider. Upon completing the service, you can charge both the customers and service providers. 

To conclude,

As the on-demand service industry has thrived, there are many more opportunities for you to earn more income from an on-demand multi-service app like UrbanClap. UrbanClap clone app development using the UrbanClap clone script is the most efficient way. Because, creating the app from the initial stage is time- consuming and requires much investment. 

Approach a trustworthy and the best mobile app development company. Get the personalized app and launch it on iOS & Android soon. The common monetization strategies mentioned in this blog will help you make more money in return while investing less money for developing the UrbanClap clone app. 

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