Best Ways to Donate free magazines

Donate free magazines –They might be welcomed by many places if you have trouble finding a charity willing to accept your magazine donations. Donate old magazines. Donate magazines. Donate magazines to schools or daycare centers. Donate used magazines. Donate magazines to centers or community facilities. You can also post an advertisement on Craigslist.org or even Freecycle.org. With just a little effort, it is possible to find a new home for your favorite weeklies and monthlies.

Donate in your Local Library

One of my favorite places to donate books and free magazines would be to my neighborhood library. In which they may sell your used magazines to help with their very own fundraising if the library doesn’t need the magazines itself, for its own patrons, many libraries maintain a Friend of the Library Sale.

Many men and women are looking to amuse themselves, particularly if it’s difficult for them to maneuver around. They are appreciative of reading material that is new, and a friendly chat when you come to shed off the magazines.

Donate to Military (defense)

The soldiers, especially those serving overseas of our country, are looking for reading material also and would love your magazines.

Similarly, veterans associations may be searching for reading material as well.

Sitting back and reading a magazine can help you take your mind off and unwind things, which can be just one of the reasons most of us love getting them. The exact same is true of women and families in shelters who might love something to take their mind off other matters for a while with two or an article.

Donate to Doctor And Dentist Offices, Hospitals And Other Waiting Rooms

Any place which has a waiting room, where people are looking to pass the time, is the perfect place.

If you really want to have the recipients love them, select waiting rooms for organizations and companies whose customers would like the kind of magazines you are donating. To your dentist’s office waiting room.

My kids, when they have been in preschool, used pictures from magazines all the time throughout crafts and arts. Pictures would cut out and paste them on just about any type of job the teachers could consider.

Schools, preschools and daycare centers are constantly on the lookout for (family-friendly) magazines they can use with their children, so they have some fun, and they’ll really appreciate the resource.

How to Donate used books you have at home and you can no longer keep

 it is painful to think of getting rid of the books that have been with us for years. It is painful and hard, yes. But there are moments in life when coexistence becomes impossible, both with the books that accumulate and with the rest of the people who reluctantly coexist with them. That is why it is more than necessary to give books the best possible way out of our homes. There are different ways with which to output books. Different ways with different degrees of radicalism (and drama) against books, which are our treasures and our feelings . That is why I have wanted to gradually reflect the different forms of book release. The following suggestions range from the least radical to the most drastic, and I’m sure you already have an idea of ​​what they are: from giving books to family and friends to throwing them away .

  1. Give books to friends or family

When there is a book or a collection of books that you have a great appreciation for but you have to get rid of, there is nothing better than thinking of friends and family so that they can take care of your precious treasure. It will be a way to not detach yourself from your books drastically, but you can continue to see them constantly and even remembering that this collection was yours.

Some ideas to use this technique:

  • Write down specific dates to give your books away: birthdays of friends and family, Christmas, Book Day, the saint … any time is good to give away.
  • Take advantage of every home visit to put in a visible place the collection of books that you want to get rid of. As soon as you see someone browsing there, offer the books to take away.
  • Ask friends and family directly to see if they would be interested in a book (or 300).
  1. Try taking the books to a friend or family member

If the trick of giving books to friends and family hasn’t worked for you, it’s time to move on to a somewhat more drastic measure (well, not as drastic either). Measure how to take them directly to their homes without them asking you. Think that you are looking for the best for your books, friends and family, so this will make you feel good.

Some ideas to use this technique:

  • As a favor ask to keep the books for a short period of time. It is very important to say that it will only be a few days.
  • Whenever you go to the house of friends and family, take some books in a bag and make you forget. Hide it in a place that is not passing through when you leave. You know that for a time you will not be able to return to that house or stay with those people so that they do not return the bag loaded with books.
  • Send them by courier to a friend or family member. This action will cost you money, but you make sure that it reaches its recipient. Write them a note explaining everything that this collection means to you and that you have thought about them because they are important in your life.

3. Create art or furniture with books

Well … this option supposes the disintegration of what is the book or the collection of books, but it is a good option with which to take advantage of your books for different purposes for which they were created. Think that with these creations you are giving new life to books and that it is a great way for them to continue with you.

Some ideas to use this technique:

  • Create invisible bookshelves from a book . You will only need the book, a holder, a cutter, pencil, screws, tape measure and glue.
  • Create different pieces of furniture with books : tables, seats, lamps, rugs, decorative objects, headboards, bathtubs…
  • Create sculptures / figures with your paper books . It is something that requires much more than the previous ideas, but the result can be magnificent. It’s true, you need to have a series of skills that you may not have … but don’t set limits. [Start with the books that you least appreciate].
  1. Get a storage room

If the issue of giving books away, taking them to friends or family, or creating furniture with them has not worked for you, perhaps it is time to think about other types of private spaces outside the home. Under no circumstances do you want to get rid of your precious collection completely, but you also do not have space at home … it is time to look for alternatives in storage rooms. Make sure you keep your books in boxes to keep them from picking up dust and keeping them loose from their new living space.

Some ideas to use this technique:

  • Rent a storage room to carry the entire collection of books that you no longer want to have at home and that you do not want to get rid of.
  • Find out that family, friends, coworkers or neighbors have a storage room and propose a symbolic payment in order for them to make room for your books. [Remember not to say how long they will be there]
  • Try to convince friends or family of the great idea that it is to rent a storage room together so that they keep the old junk that they have at home. This will allow you to share the expenses of the storage room and have a space to store your books.
  1. Dig into the bookcrossing world

If none of the above has worked for you, it is time to break the attachment you have for your books. The best thing is that this break is gradual, that is, that you get rid of your books but you can keep track of where they are going. That is why, thanks to bookcrossing, you can free your books so they can be found by other people (you don’t know) and keep track of them.

Some ideas to use this technique:

  • Label all the books you want to release so you can keep track of them around the world. You can always say that book was yours, even if you know that it is very difficult to return to you.
  • Free books in crowded places: public transport stations or stops, libraries, universities, monuments, sports facilities …
  • Share on social networks the release of books that you are going to do with the place, day and time it will take place. Perhaps a colleague of yours is interested in that book.

Donate your books

I know that donating can be painful for you because of rejection. Our books are our treasure, but it is just that: our treasure. They may be nothing more than books to other people and may not even have any value or interest in receiving them. Be strong and try that your wonderful collection can serve other people. If they don’t accept or reject the donation directly, don’t worry. There are more methods to output your books.

Some ideas to use this technique:

  • Take your books to libraries, NGOs, educational centers … Well, before taking them call to see if they would accept them as a donation. More than anything for not giving you the trip in vain.
  • Try to make a preliminary selection. Choose the newest titles and the ones in the best condition. The objective is clear: motivate the reception of books.
  • Find out about associations and companies that accept book donations and take care of their collection at home.
  1. Sell your books directly to the highest bidder

If the subject of donations does not convince you and you see that you can get some money for those books that you no longer want, what you should do or think about is sell your books to second-hand stores or sell your books through applications mobiles . With this you will make the space you need and also get some extra money. Be careful with spending it on more books, I’m not saying don’t do it, but remember that you’re looking to have more space at home.

Some ideas to use this technique:

  • Sign up for all second-hand book sales (and other things) mobile applications. Upload books individually or in batches. Think about making offers and do not put obstacles in the mailing or meet personally with those interested.
  • Contact book stores. Call or write the stores to ask how much they would give you for your books. Do not be angry if you see that they give you about 0.20 euros for each book … they are usually their rates.
  • Apply for a stall at your local flea market for the sale of second-hand books. Inform your city council of the procedures to be carried out and the expenses that it will entail. Also find out if there are neighborhood markets. These types of markets are characteristic because no seller is a merchant and only second-hand items can be sold.

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