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Apricot Fruit & It’s Amazing Benefits


Our Ayurvedic masters have discovered some such special and beneficial fruits which have many types of medicinal properties. Apricot is also a fruit full of similar medicinal properties. This fruit which is commonly known as an apricot is a seeded fruit that looks like a plum. The smaller the fruit, the greater its benefits. This fruit, which is about 3000 years old, has earned its name all over the world due to its medicinal properties.

Apricot fruit contains an almond-like seed which is used as a dry fruit. You must have used this delicious aromatic fruit as a salad and breakfast, but you would never have considered how beneficial the fruit you are eating is beneficial for you and what are the benefits of this fruit for you. Has advantages. So friends, in today’s article we are going to tell you in detail about the benefits of apricot and other important information related to the apricot.

The fruit of apricot is light yellow, red or orange in colour. The skin of the fruit of apricot is smooth and velvety with small follicles. The taste of this particular fruit is slightly sour and sweet but sometimes the taste of this fruit also feels pungent. Apricot’s effect is warm, so it is used more in the cold. Talking about the plant of apricot, this plant is virtually small and attracted. It is 8 to 10 meters long and its leaves are oval 5 to 9 cm in length. The plant of apricot consists of tufted flowers which are white pink.

Where did apricot first originate?

Many disputed narratives have emerged about the origin of Apricot. Apricot was cultivated for a long time in Armenia in ancient times, so the origin of apricot is attributed to Armenia. Apricot seeds were also found when excavated by the archaeological department in the Garni region of Armenia, hence the scientific name of apricot is named Prunus armeniaca (Armenian plum).

But some foreign scientists believe that Apricot originated in China and the original centre of Apricot is China. It is known from some other elements that apricot originated in India in 3000 BC. Similarly, countries like Greece, Egypt, Persia, England, Turkey etc. have different opinions about the origin of apricot. Where is the highest production of apricot? Where is Apricot produced most apricot means apricot is the national fruit of Armenia, but apricot is the most produced in Turkey worldwide. Apricot is the most produced in Iran after Turkey. Apart from this, apricot is produced in Europe, Egypt, China and India.

Apricot is grown in mountainous regions of India. The production of apricot is more in colder regions like Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Kashmir.

Nutrients of Apricot

Apricot became famous worldwide due to its medicinal properties and the reason for the fame of apricot is the minerals, minerals, vitamins and various types of nutrients found in it. Explain that apricot contains vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, protein, copper, calcium, vitamin B6, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, fibre, iron, sodium, carbohydrate, fat, niacin, Calories, manganese, zinc, iron etc. are found in plenty. Because of all these nutrients, apricot is called a storehouse of properties, so it is being used as a medicine in Ayurveda as well.

Side effects of Apricot

The side effects of apricot are negligible as compared to benefits. But it is said that anything that has many qualities but if taken more than required, it can also cause harm. If something like this is of Apricot, then let us see some damage caused by Apricot.

1. Patients with diabetes should not consume more dried apricot. Consumption of dried apricot can harm diabetes patients.

2. Eating dry apricot can damage the intestines.

3. Apricot seeds should not be consumed excessively because some chemical is found in its seeds which can go into the body and turn into cyanide. It can also be fatal for the body.

These were some of the benefits and side effects of apricot. There are many products like dry apricot and apricot oil are available in the market both online as well as offline that you can easily buy to get the desired benefits.

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