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An overview of Hair transplant cost in Dubai

Recently hair transplant has achieved sturdy momentum among various other types of cosmetic surgeries not only in Dubai but all over the world too. In fact, this marvellous procedure is gaining massive recognition among men than women as the majority of the men in Arabian cities experience semi-full baldness and thinning hairline. Undeniably, several factors cause severe hair-fall but overlooking all such factors can make the problem aggravate. That’s why; the introduction of numerous hair transplant techniques and procedures have appeared as the real glimmer of hope for those people who want to get rid of hair fall rapidly.

No doubt, hair transplant is a secure and effective way of regrowing hair, but the treatment becomes uncomplicated for you when you know about Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai.

So, based on all these concerns, the current discussion presents a complete overview of hair transplant in Dubai by spotlighting its cost and all other relevant factors.

Significant Factors to Contemplate Before a Hair Transplant

Indeed, if you want to experience satisfactory results of a hair transplant, then you must mull over some two of the most imperative factors including quality & cost. However, there is no surety that high-cost surgery always ensures perfect results. That’s why; prior research and complete knowledge is the key before paying a buck for a fine-looking scalp.

A professional and FDA approved surgeon can bring precision in results. Similarly, along with skills and expertise, the cost depends on some other vital factors too. Generally, the surgeon determines the ultimate cost of hair transplantation in Dubai by considering five major factors including;

  1. Numbers of required grafts to cover the bald area
  2. The chosen technique for hair transplantation purpose
  3. Skills and proficiencies of the surgeon
  4. Hair clinic’s location
  5. Clinic’s reputation

Generally, the final cost of this treatment mainly depends on the total grafts. So, the cost will be higher for more significant numbers of grafts and vice versa. Everyone has a different type of hair loss pattern, and this factor plays a significant role in deciding the total expenses. So, your surgeon needs to examine your bald area for the estimation of required grafts and overall expense of the treatment. However, keep one thing in mind that you should never comprise on quality standards so always choose the surgeon who can bring perfection in results.

Definitely, the skills and expertise of the surgeon determine the final cost, but chosen transplantation technique plays a substantial role too. Usually, surgeons opt for two dominant types of hair transplantation techniques including;

üFUE (follicular unit extraction)

üFUT or strip removal methods

Both of these techniques are different from one another, and they have their pros and Cons.

In FUT technique, a surgeon extracts a large portion of hair (generally from the backside of the scalp) and insert into the intended area of the scalp.  Even though the process requires less time and efforts, but it is invasive. Additionally, it involves considerable downtime compared to other technique.

Conversely, In FUE technique, every graft requires accuracy and precision to be harvested correctly. That’s why; this treatment is considered costly as compared to a conventional strip removal method. Moreover, the process is less invasive with minimum side-effects. But, we suggest you discuss both of the techniques with your surgeon for a better recommendation.

Another main factor that decides the hair transplant cost in Dubai is the location of the clinic. For example, the cost of hair treatment is relatively higher in developed countries, including the UK and Us. Conversely, the cost of this treatment is relatively low and affordable in Dubai and different other developing countries. Nevertheless, the perfect thing about choosing UAE for hair treatment is that it has professional surgeons who offer exceptional services without compromising the quality standards. Furthermore, you don’t need millions of dollar to get this treatment done in Dubai because hair transplant is affordable here. That’s why; people from all over the world visit Dubai to experience best results with no risks and negligible side-effects.

As we mentioned earlier, the reputation of the clinic is necessary, and it shouldn’t be ignored at any cost. For instance, hair clinics in the UK and US always charge higher prices due to their inimitable facilities. On the other hand, a hair clinic in less developed countries always charges a reasonable price.

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What is the expected cost of hair transplant in Dubai?

Don’t worry; Dubai is famous for offering exceptional hair treatment services.  Indeed, the cost and expenses are quite reasonable, but the expert surgeons guarantee satisfactory results without compromising quality standards.

Hence, all these factors mentioned above should be in your mind before you choose the hair transplant process. Ignoring these factors can never help you in getting the exact idea about overall expenses.

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