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A Differentiated Accounting Services Partner – Cook CPA

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Over the past 25 years, Cook CPA Group has provided advisory, auditing, tax, and other financial services to businesses throughout California. Originally serving just a few clients in Roseville, they now offer accounting services throughout California. Individuals and large corporations from every industry, including tax-exempt organizations and municipalities, are Cook CPA’s clients. You can count on the Cook CPA Group for a California CPA!


By performing internal audits, you keep track of everything going on within your organization. Ideally, we can find the cause of problems before they spiral out of control, making it easier for us to correct them before they are too serious. To prevent mistakes from occurring, we will follow all necessary procedures. Having been involved in auditing for many years, we understand the value of such reviews.


Using CPA California business consulting, estate planning, and strategic business planning, your company can make strides forward. We can help you navigate every stage of your financial growth with the assistance of our experienced and knowledgeable consultants here at Cook CPA Group. In addition, we will help you develop a plan for the future that will ensure that you have every opportunity to succeed.


Our CA CPAs prepare and plan taxes for individuals, businesses, and corporations. Corporations and business taxes are integral to the operation of any successful California company – don’t let tax season be the only time you think about it! In order to ensure that your strategies are as effective and efficient as possible, our experts will review them for efficiency and accuracy. The services of an accountant may also come in handy when filing tax returns at the end of each year to ensure deductions or credits can be taken for contributions made to retirement funds or payments made to student loan interest charges from previous years. The tax liability, credits, and debt must take into account all of these factors.

Our philosophy is to provide better services than any other group of CPAs in consulting, accounting, tax, and auditing. Using technology to the fullest extent possible allows us to provide our clients with a personalized experience by understanding and analyzing their needs, long-term goals, and objectives. That’s the common sense, uncommon service promise of Cook CPA Group.

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