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7 Free Video Conference Software Features: You Can’t Avoid In 2021

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In 2021, Free Video conference is no longer a luxury but a necessity every organization needs to survive and operate in the post-pandemic world. Prysm System offers the best video conferencing software solution that helps businesses across the globe to establish an effective work environment to execute projects and take timely decisions. For more information read the below post.

From successfully executing a project plan with a remote team to closing the business deal across the globe- Video conferencing software has become a significant tool of businesses despite their size and nature. This means agencies who are willing to grow further in the market need to come up with reliable video conferencing software for high-quality and interactive video calls as a part of the remote work model.

Prysm Systems offers a free video conference solution that offers HD video streaming and clear noise-free audio and incomparable interaction. With the dynamic meeting environment, advanced collaboration features, any device access, and better management features, Prysm allows you to bring everyone on the same page.

The question is “are these features enough?”

Maybe or maybe not. But what can be assured at this certain point is at the end of this article, you will learn about top Video conferencing software features you’ll need to have in 2021.

Why does my remote team need an advanced free video conferencing solution?

In a pandemic where the communication between your employees directly went from 100 percent to zero in no time- video conferencing is what you need to re-establish the communication among your team.

According to a recent survey, companies who incorporate video conferencing software as a key communication channel have more engaged employees and 89 percent of these employees believe it helps to stay engaged and feel connected with the team. In short, having an advanced video conferencing solution can empower your team to be more productive, and engaged despite the geographical location they are working from. Here are the top video conferencing software features you must have in 2021:

Screen Sharing

For interactive, it is compulsory to share and explain the data in visual forms, and screen sharing can help to achieve. Considered as one of the top video conferencing software features, one can share all the data as well as apps that on his screen with all the participants during the meeting. This makes it easier to present your points to make the right decision.

Chat Feature

Whether you are holding a virtual meeting, webinar, or just a get-together with all employees, you can always deliver a seamless experience by providing a chat feature that allows your participants to interact with freedom. When hosting a virtual meeting, always look for chat features that allow your users to throw questions, share messages, and even emojis to express their opinions during a meeting.

Multiple Webcam Feature

During virtual communication, it is more impactful if you can see the face of the individual who is presenting the facts to pick up the significant visual cues. If your organization is operating with a huge remote team scattered across different states then always look for the dynamic webcam feature in the video conferencing software.

Dynamic Presentation Feature

When it comes to discussing big projects on a virtual table, organizations need to present the data in different forms that require certain features. Make sure the free video conference software you have can support a variety of file types including- PPTs, MP4 videos, PDFs, and more. The flexibility to add rich quality content in a presentation can keep the participant’s attention on the screen.

HD Video Quality

You cannot declare video conferencing a seamless experience until it is HD quality. With better quality, everyone can clearly see who is speaking or stating the fact to ensure everyone in the room is on the same page.

Remote Control

For a collaborative meeting where everyone has some time to share with the team as a part of the contribution, the remote control is a feature you don’t want to miss. Although this may not sound so important, this feature gives the user direct control over the screen, making it easier to edit and share the documents in real-time.

What’s your company’s “collaboration culture?”

There were some noteworthy interviews during the course of the market-research project I referred to earlier. One, with a corporate training manager at a large technology firm, was especially revealing. Our interviewee explained that her company had a very collaborative culture. At least, that’s what management believed. In actuality, without any guidance on the process, collaboration at that company had become a mere checkbox. In other words, to get it out of the way, most employees interpreted “collaboration” to mean “telling other people what you are doing.” While she found this to be a step in the right direction (and, undoubtedly, better than a complete lack of communication), she didn’t believe that this was a true collaboration.

When we pressed her for more details, she had a great explanation. “video walls Collaboration should be a process wherein you appoint a steering committee that involves one representative from every department with a stake in the decisions or outcomes of a project. The committee convenes and comes up with a proposed course of action, after which the representatives go back to their respective groups to confer, gather objections, opinions, and so on. After that, the representatives reconvene to share issues and ideas, identify duplicate projects, and so on. They repeat this process until they have determined that there are no further roadblocks.”

Wrapping Up

The word “collaboration” can conjure contrasting associations, depending on who you are and on your life experiences. Some of us may think of collaboration as a positive thing — a process in which we work with others (hopefully harmoniously) and, by virtue of teamwork, create results that are better than we could have achieved on our own. Others may bristle at the word, because it brings up memories of forced committees and coalitions, often ending with results that are inferior to those we might have achieved on our own.

While I’ve experienced both, my feeling is that the more refined the processes and technologies involved, the better the chance that the outcomes will be positive. The bad news is that the above are often lacking.

Now after knowing all the key video conferencing features- you must have in 2021, the next step to find a solution that contains it all. Fortunately, Prysm Systems is just around the corner with all the free video conferencing software features you need to hold a dynamic and effective meeting with your colleagues and business partners anytime from anywhere. Explore how partnering with Prysm can help you to unlock much more!

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