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7 Common Mistakes You Are Doing in Chatbot Development

These Chatbot Development Mistakes Could Be A Nightmare For Your Company

These Chatbot Development Mistakes Could Be A Nightmare For Your Company.

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Chatbots have taken over the commercial world and many of the applications most used by users around the world. Their algorithms have reached such a superior level that they have led us to think that all that we see in science fiction movies with artificial intelligence (the good things of course) may finally be a reality.

However, they can still improve much more, since these Chatbots are sometimes not as perfect as they are painted. In the following post, we present you with some of the 7 common mistakes in Chatbot Development. These chatbot development mistakes could be a nightmare for your business.

Despite the popularity of bots, they are still not that smart and functional.

In particular, most Chatbots work based on templates, which cover only a small number of scenarios. Some don’t understand users, forget the information they receive, or just get annoyed. Here are some of these errors.

Common Mistakes in Chatbot Development

1. Lack of transparency

Not all bots present themselves to you as bots, which is why users immediately realize that they are talking to a computerized operator. Thanks to this, when the bot makes a mistake or does not understand what users want, this causes annoyance.

If customers understand that they are talking to the machine, they become more loyal to the robot by giving it a small chance.

2. Limited intellectual abilities

Unfortunately, today only a few robots are being developed using artificial intelligence systems. The rest are working according to a pre-programmed scenario. That is, a specific answer is selected based on keywords.

If users don’t use these keywords, the bot can’t understand them. Therefore, the intellectual capabilities of the bot are limited by the experience and capabilities of the developer.

3. They ignore the context

Chatbots without some artificial intelligence technology cannot analyze context. Therefore, they cannot remember the information they just received and end up asking a lot of unnecessary questions.

4. Isolation of the ecosystem

If you create a bot from scratch, it will work outside of the ecosystem it is expected to interact with. For example, a bot to make appointments at the spa must be integrated into an existing system.

5. Useless bot layouts

Chatbots should be useful to users. If not, they just waste time and become annoying.

Unfortunately, many companies simply follow the trend and create low-quality bots to entertain customers.

6. Multitask

Developers often try to make cross-functional programs forget that it is better to create a bot that performs one task well than a bot that multi-tastes poorly.

7. Inability to change operator

Generally, when a chatbot does not understand users or cannot solve their problems, the program links them to the operator. However, this option is not always available. As a result, the customer does not receive a response and has to seek direct contact with the company.

So, These Were Some Common Mistakes

If you pay attention to these common mistakes in the chatbot development, you can know what NOT to do when creating your Chatbot.

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