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6 Tips To Choose SEO-Friendly Domain Name

Forget keywords and focus on brand usage. Stop, wait a minute! Aren’t “keywords” at the heart of search engine optimization? Aren’t they the main piece of this puzzle? Not really! The role of keywords has changed in recent times. Just a few years ago, you could have had tremendous success by registering a domain name that includes multiple keywords.

Such as, or a domain loaded with keywords. In the old days, it was enough for a company to purchase a domain name with several keywords, without spending a huge amount of time and effort on website promotion in search engines.

Nevertheless, Google decided to make fundamental changes that made it possible to exclude deception of bona fide users, as well as create a reliable site ranking system. Already today, companies are forced to spend huge amounts of money to be in the first positions in search results.

What Does Choosing Right Domain Mean?

When it comes to choosing the right domain name, you need to pay particular attention to brand usage. In other words, your site’s domain name will be used as a powerful tool in your brand structure. How the brand appears on the Web will shape the overall attitude and perception of your customers. And users and will directly affect the effectiveness of all your search engine optimization efforts.

Even though the process of choosing a domain name may seem too simple for you, it directly affects the effectiveness of your SEO work, as well as the overall success of your online business.

Tips For Finalizing SEO-Friendly Domain Name

In this article, we have compiled the main factors to look out for before finalizing your domain registration.

1- Use Keywords

Please note that using keywords in your site’s domain name can have a positive effect on search engine optimization performance. However, do not use multiple keywords at once. In this way, the site may be categorized as suspicious.

For example, use the name of the company and also add a domain that will indicate the industry, for example, The method is successful in forming an attractive domain name that will not be negatively perceived by search engines.

2- Consider Using A Brand

Google President Eric Schmidt believes that “a brand is a problem-solving tool, not a problem. It is brands that help solve the most difficult problems.” In other words, using your company name or brand name in your domain name is a wise decision.

Using a brand will help you stand out from competitors, which merge into an inconspicuous gray mass, invisible to users. For example, if you provide help with assignment writing, you should add ‘assignment” in the domain name.

3- Make Sure It’s Easy To Use

If you think that the complexity of a domain name doesn’t matter just because users have given up word of mouth long ago, then you should reconsider. The ease of use of a domain name is built on the rule that people will remember a simple website much faster and more willingly. Check your chosen domain name and make sure the pronunciation is not difficult for your audience.

4- The Domain Name Should Be Short

A good domain name does not have more than 18 characters. When it comes to a website, the shorter the URL, the better it is. Using a short domain name ensures that users remember the site address and come back again and again. You will be able to use it in advertising and marketing materials.

5- Use An Intuitive Approach When Choosing A Domain Name

A good domain should speak for itself and also give users an idea of ​​what you do. In other words, your site’s domain name should be intuitive. Note how easy and simple the domain extension is to indicate which site is the company’s official portal and which leads to the gift shop.

6- Avoid Numbers And Punctuation Marks

We recommend that you stop using numbers and dashes in your domain name. The use of such symbols complicates the process of going to the site, and an error will lead the client to find himself on another portal.

Such an address is difficult to pronounce and convey over the phone. Moreover, choose the domain name that mentions the industry. For example, shows that you provide help with essay writing.

While choosing a domain name seems straightforward, but it is not so simple. The above-mentioned aspects are worth considering.

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