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6 Essential Landscape Maintenance Tips

It is no secret that a well-kept lawn enhances the curb appeal of a house. It makes the outdoors attractive and welcoming. Every homeowner wants an impressive front yard but it takes a good deal of hard work.

The maintenance is en ever going process when it comes to lawns as you are dealing with living organisms, the plants. Lawn keeping is a fun activity for some while others find it challenging. Spending a few hours for the lawn each week is a healthy activity.

When you are unable to fit in these hours in your busy schedules you can always hire local lawn care professionals for cleaning and Landscaping Design in Spanish Fork UT.

Let us look at 6 essential landscape maintenance tips.

1. Regular Cleaning

The first rule of lawn care is regular cleaning and pruning. A thorough cleanup can take a few hours. If you make a schedule for regular cleanup, it takes less than half an hour.

You must have a rake in your home as it is essential for lawn cleaning. Remove all the dead grass, leaves, and branches fell off on the grass. Not only it increases the aesthetic appeal but minimizes chances of water soaking and pest infestation.

2. Water The Lawns Appropriately

Watering the lawn is a no-brainer but doing it the right way is essential for a healthy lawn. For most of the summer months, watering two days a week is sufficient.

During periods of extreme heat or dryness, you can water the lawn for the third time. The lawns should never be watered between 10 am and 6 pm in summer days. The perennials and shrubs in your lawn need half as much water as the trees.

Remember that overwatering is as dangerous as under-watering. Excess water cuts off the oxygen supply to the roots affecting the growth of plants. It can also promote mold growth thus exposing your lawn to certain fungal diseases.

You can always consult a local professional to learn about the adequate amounts of water required for your unique lawn.

3. Pay Attention To Aeration

Aeration is super important for a healthy and greener lawn. It is a simple process of removing plugs from the turf. You can rent aerators to pull a better plug.

Just as the name suggests, aeration is all about allowing more air or oxygen to the plant roots. It reduces the compaction and growth of microorganisms. You will be spending less time on thatching the lawns. Thatching is the process of removing dead layers of grass.

5. Selective Weed Control

If you are following maintenance tips about proper mowing, edging, cleaning, and watering, weed growth is at a minimum. But when they do crop up they should be mechanically removed or by the use of selective chemicals. If you are unsure about selective control, hire reliable landscape services.

6. Mowing

It is essential to raise the mowing height to 3-5 inches in summers as it provides more insulation against heat.

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