5 Ways to Analyze Your Instagram Marketing Campaign

Measuring performance is a crucial aspect of every marketing campaign, and know-how actually they are performing. 

Every brand and importance need to keep track of how well marketing campaigns perform and what updates are needed to carry forward. 

The same goes for Instagram marketing campaigns. You can easily analyze them with the right steps to measure your Instagram marketing.  

This blog will discuss 5 different ways to analyze how your Instagram marketing is performing and how to utilize critical data from your Instagram Business profile. 

Without any further due, let’s start understanding Instagram Business Profile Insights for better analysis.

What Is Instagram Business Profile Insights & Why To Use It

Instagram provides businesses with tools to measure their Instagram Marketing performance and how their followers interact with them. 

Instagram Insights are only available to those who have created their profiles with their Instagram Business account. 

It gives them useful data that consists of total likes on their posts, views on their videos, comments, hashtags, followers’ locations, profile visits, website clicks, impressions, and many more. 

All this data helps businesses to keep track of their activities and scrutinize performance to gain maximum benefits out of efforts.

Another important aspect of using Instagram Insights is that you can plan your marketing accordingly. You will get insights about what type of content people are engaging more and sharing with their friends and followers.

Below given metrics will help you gauge more than likes and shares. You will get better insights into your marketing activities and how to use them to enhance your Instagram Marketing.

5 Crucial Ways To Analyze Instagram Marketing Campaigns

Keep Track On Instagram Bio Link

One of the important metrics to check while analyzing your Instagram marketing is to retrieve data of how many people have clicked on your website link presented in your Instagram Bio. 

For business, it is important to know how many people have reached their official website. 

Check Likes, Shares, And Saves Posts

Likes, shares, and saves posts are important metrics to check on Instagram Insights. 

It will give you data on what type of posts they like – educational, inspiring, tricks, tips, DIYs, creatives, or quotes. 

You can plan your content accordingly, which is mostly shared or saved by the people.   

It is because people only like to share content that provides value and sound authentic to them. You may find some posts have many likes but not share or save. 

In contrast, some posts have fewer likes but a number of shares or saves. This means content with more shares and saves gives users value, and they found it relevant to solve their problem. 

Monitor Profile Visits

Another important metric to measure to analyze your Instagram marketing campaign is how many users visiting your Instagram profile in a week. 

Almost most people visit your profile after seeing your posts somewhere on Instagram, maybe on their friend’s story, in Instagram feeds, or in Instagram sponsored posts. 

They may have found relevant content and decided to visit your Instagram profile. 

When people visit your profile, they get a better idea about your business and like to visit your official website by clicking on the link present in your Instagram bio. 

Visiting your Instagram profile also entices users to click on your highlights and watch stories. All this gives users a better idea about your business and what you are offering them. 

Collect Your Hashtag Campaign Posts

Another important metric to measure whether your Instagram marketing campaigns are working well or not is to check how many people posted on Instagram using your hashtag. 

Checking how many people use your hashtag will give you a better idea of popular brands among them. 

Often it is also important to figure out whether your hashtag is intriguing or not. Is it attractive to users and entices them to post on your Instagram account? 

With social media aggregators‘ help, you can collect hashtag posts from Instagram of your followers all at a unified place. These tools will collect all related posts with that hashtag from all users who have used your hashtag.  

Compare Post Views From Home & Hashtags 

Everyone uses hashtags on their posts to promote on Instagram and increase chances of visibility in users’ Instagram feeds. 

You can use up to 30 hashtags in a post as only these are visible to users, and more than it will be removed from the post.

Hashtags enhance impressions of your posts and give wider exposure to appear in the feeds of users. Many people reach a profile while interacting with relevant hashtag posts. 

You can measure it through Instagram Insights, how many impressions you have received through hashtags, and how many from the home of your Instagram account below the Post Insights section. 


You can use these five metrics to analyze the performance of your Instagram marketing campaigns. This helps you know who your customers are, what they are looking for, and what required improvements. 

Based on these insights, design your new marketing activities and optimize existing strategies to gain benefits. These can be the number of likes, shares, saves, or increase in followers. 

But make sure that you analyze one marketing activity at a time and take measures accordingly. Otherwise, you won’t be able to figure out which activity is performing well. 

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