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5 Must-Follow Safety Measures to Enhance School Bus Security

School Bus Security

School buses are the safest way to travel for students. They are designed to protect student through compartmentalization spaced seats and high, moreover, energy-absorbing seat backs. The seat belts of school bus protect students as well. Security is one of the major elements in the school bus safety and that should not be overlooked. Manu of the companies are involved in school bus technology which put new solutions to help and improve awareness and oversight of bus fleet.

For the school bus security, the right technological investments can perfectly help you prevent unwanted guests on school bus. The school bus student tracking system keeps tracks of your buses and riders and keep the fleet secure when it is not in use. Always remember that when students and staff are endangered, the quality of education suffers a lot.

With the help of technologies you can enhance the security of your school bus. You can keep a close eye on the behavior of students and school bus drivers. Moreover, teachers should give proper training to students of how to travel and behave in school bus. Students should be taught all he safety rules of school bus. In this article, some safety measure are also mentioned below that help in enhancing the security.

1. GPS tracking system:

One of the piece of school bus technologies that is absolutely crucial is a GPS tracking system. The GPS links paired with the mapping software at the school office. This allows to precisely locate your school bus anywhere at any time. In this way, if the school bus ever goes off-route or comes to any unexpected halt, school administration are notified of it almost immediately.

2. Route monitoring and optimization:

For enhancing the security, school buses routes should compulsorily be monitored regularly. This supports in optimizations of routes to ensure that they follow the safest and the shortest routes possible. Keep checking and monitoring the school bus routes enhance the security a lot.

3. Educating about the safety and security:

For a safe and secure journey, schools should also take responsibility of educating the students about the safety of traveling. The dos and don’ts rues to be followed in and out both of a school bus must be taught to all students.

4. Insulting video cameras:

For the purpose of enhancing safety, use a system of video cameras which are adopted by schools. They reduce student’s discipline problems on school buses including vandalism. This video camera helps in the effective monitoring of school bus environment. Moreover, the records can be saved for future references.

5. Student RFID cards:

Providing students RFID-based cards is more controversial, but on the other side it can still be a major boon to school bus security. With the card-readers, it help in knowing the exact ridership of bus. It gives alert notification, if student decides to sneak off the bus or get off on wrong stop etc.


These measure will help you in enhancing the security of school busses. Moreover, motion-detection system which detect movement on bus. This is used as a security system to prevent any sort of unauthorized people from boarding the bus. Moreover, training of drivers are also important for security. He has the sole responsibility of student’s safety outside of the school campus.

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