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5 Best Action Games On Consoles You Should Play in 2022

2022 is the year of action! The best action games of 2022 are full of adrenaline-rushing stories and power-packed experiences that keep them on the edge of their seats. Featuring new releases and long-awaited sequels, this list has titles from every genre, from the most popular RPG of the year to the best indie games of 2022 that no one knew about.

The behavior is amazing in a way that is hard to describe. Action games have a lot of fighting, but they don’t really fight or beat them up. An “action” game may have a story, exploration, or puzzle-solving element, but many titles place their names within the RPG or role-playing realm. The lines are confusing and more than a little self-explanatory.

Video game genres are running faster than ever, but for this list, we’re focused on the PC games that drive action the most. Here are the best PC action games you should download right now.

Action! Whether it’s a massive shooting gallery, a sword-swinging battle, or a plain old-fashioned brawl, we all enjoy it, and some of the best games feature it.

Since action is such a popular subgenre, we’ve gathered a list of upcoming titles that have us excited to say the least.

The games aren’t ranked, but their release dates are listed to show you how long you’ll have to wait to play each. Even if an action game didn’t make the cut, that doesn’t imply it isn’t good. These are merely the titles that made us take a second look.


It is one of the best console action games. Sifu is a straight action game. You, the talented martial artist, will engage in rapid and strategic combat with opponents of equal skill. 

As the protagonist aged a year after each death, you can drop thugs like an old man if you’re kicked enough. Developer SloClap’s track record with Absolver’s satisfying melee combat carries over to Sifu’s powerful and gorgeously rendered fights.

Horizon Forbidden West

Aloy must disassemble various new machines in Forbidden West, many of which have a prehistoric theme. 

New weaponry and a redesigned skill tree let you shape Aloy anyway you choose, making it easier to fight mechanical raptors or bring down Slitherfang. Horizon: Forbidden West looks great on PS5 and PS4, and its plot seems just as compelling as the original.

Elden Ring

This is one of the best PS5 action games of 2022. From Software refined Souls-style fighting, and now it’s in an open world. Done. Getting our asses given to us by a giant beast, then leaping up a cliff on our magic horse sounds like a godsend. 

Elden Ring’s mysterious universe makes us salivate as the release nears.

Bayonetta 3

The long-awaited third installment of Bayonetta appears to continue the series’ penchant for unrestrained chaos in action. 

The action we’ve seen so far has blown our minds, with all the zaniness of its predecessors and even hairy Kaijus to boot. Whatever Platinum has planned for Bayo’s Switch debut will be well worth the patiently drawn-out wait.

However, action games android don’t have a great track record on the Switch. With such a limited install base, the game’s developers must ensure their title runs smoothly and doesn’t require too much power from the console.

Evil West

What could possibly be more amazing than a cowboy? A futuristic cowboy who fights against monsters with high-tech weapons. 

To plug holes with a six-shooter or to bash enemies to bits with electric-charged boxing gloves, the supernatural brand of gunslinging in Evil West seems like brutal fun. If that sounds ridiculous, you should know that Flying Wild Hog, the studio behind Shadow Warrior, is responsible for it. If you can, keep an eye on this possible treasure.

Other Games

GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon

GetsuFumaDen is a stunning roguelike Metroidvania and Konami’s comeback to developing non-sports action games for 2022. As a sequel to 1987’s GetsuFumaDen for the Super Famicom, you use an arsenal of swords, axes, and other weapons to dispatch demons from the mortal realm in Undying Moon. 

The game’s vivid visual style is reminiscent of Japanese art, making it a pleasure to look at, and the ever-shifting terrain designs will keep you on your toes. Rather not hang around? GetsuFumaDen is available in Early Access on Steam now and will also be released for Switch.

Ghostwire: Tokyo

Tokyo sure does have a crazy appearance. Malevolent spirits unleashed by a masked magician have invaded Tokyo, and you must stop them. 

Some of the abilities look crazy, like an ethereal grapple line used to slingshot up buildings, tether adversaries, and shoot yokai with energy blasts. First-person fighting looks amazing and is a change of pace for The Evil Within developer Tango Gameworks.

God of War: Ragnarok

This is one of the best action games on the PC. God of War: Ragnarok’s famous over-the-shoulder fighting returns, from what we’ve seen. Okay. God of War’s redesigned, more personal hack-and-slash gameplay was popular with fans. 

We can’t wait to see what tricks Atreus has up his sleeve and to battle Thor and any other Norse deities or beasts who cross Kratos’ path.

Gotham Knights

This is available in the Xbox gaming consoles online. Even while it’s fantastic to serve the city as Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, and Red Hood, we’re enthused about Gotham Knights for three reasons: Batmobile. OWL Council. Fans of Batman will be excited to take on this sinister secret organization in a video game, especially since the fighting seems like a visually striking improvement on Rocksteady’s Arkham battle system. Being able to face anything the Court throws at us with a trustworthy companion is the frosting on the cake.

The Legend of Zelda

A sequel to one of the best video games ever created, the title of which has yet to be decided. This is the best playing console. Even though we don’t know much about Link’s new journey, we’ve hooked thanks to the gameplay teasers. 

Using a portal, Link can go through walls, bend time, and explore a shattered rafting island, all in the style of Skyward Sword. The major question is whether Nintendo can top the original; we’re not sure it’ll come out this year. But you can be assured that we’ve crossed every digit, hoping the game will achieve both.

Neon White

Ben Esposito is developing Neon White for a limited audience. Not everyone is into how it combines Quake-like action, a strategic card system, and an anime twist.

If you appreciate fast-paced first-person action games, classic anime like Cowboy Bebop or Trigun, or legendary Japanese titles like God Hand or Vanquish, keep an eye on Neon White. Seems like there’s going to be some sort of upheaval there.

Suicide Squad

Fans are eager to see how Rocksteady’s fighting system in Suicide Squad. Kill the Justice League compares to Batman: Arkham’s. This fast-paced action shooter can be played solo or with up to three others. 

Is there any chance that we’ll be able to kill out Superman and company? Considering the wacky turns Rocksteady took Batman, anything might happen, and that’s why we can’t wait to see how everything pans out.

Final Words:

These are the best action-adventure games on the PC. These games are perfect for gamers who want to get lost in a world full of action and adventure but still want the element of choice. 

Whether you’re looking for games that let you explore an open world or simply enjoy playing repeatedly, these titles will keep you entertained for hours.

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