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12 Types of Healthy Breakfast for a Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Breakfast

Healthy Breakfast

Nothing is important than eating healthy. Starting your day with healthy food is the best way to stay healthy. breakfast is an essential meal of the day, which is why you need to eat healthy. Eating a healthy breakfast is also the best way to maintain health. If you start your day healthy, it can also help you lose weight.

Below are the breakfast options that you can choose to start a healthy lifestyle.

1. Oats

Oats are the best breakfast option as they are loaded with fiber, vitamins, protein, iron, and other necessary nutrients. Eating oats for breakfast keep you full for a long time which minimizes unhealthy carving. Also, fiber-rich foods aids in losing fat, helping you gain your target weight.

2. Boil Eggs and toast

Eggs and toast are another breakfast option that is rich in nutrients. You may choose to eat two eggs with a toast to stay healthy. Protein is an essential nutrient to our body. As the egg is rich in protein, eating eggs for breakfast can meet the protein requirement in the body. And protein takes a long time to digest, so eggs keep you full for a long time.

3. Avocado and toast

Avocado and toast are easy to prepare breakfast when you are in a rush. All you need to do is slice avocado and lay them on the toast, then cover it with another piece of toast. Else, you can also mash avocado and put it on the toast like butter. You can enjoy this recipe with tea.

4. Peanut banana cinnamon smoothie

Smoothie is an easy breakfast option to start with. You just have to blend peanut, one banana, and few pinches of cinnamon with milk to prepare a smoothie. Cinnamon is an optional ingredient. You may prefer to skip cinnamon if you don’t like its taste. However, adding cinnamon enhances the taste. 

5. Apple cheese toast 

Without a doubt, Apple is the best food to stay healthy. How you can make apple interesting? To give apple an interesting touch, all you need is ricotta cheese, bread and, of course, apple. Thinly slice the apple. Take a bread then coat it with ricotta cheese. After lay slices of apple over the ricotta cheese. Cove with another bread then you can enjoy it.

Apple Cheese Toast

6. Berries

Berries are another food rich in fiber. You may choose to eat berries for breakfast as it can also help you avoid unhealthy carving. In a bowl, you can add blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries. These fruits can help you protect your blood vessels from harmful plaque. Also, they are a rich source of potassium to help balance blood pressure and mitigate bloat.

7.  Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are also packed with fiber. One sweet potato itself fulfill the 15% requirement of daily fiber intake. Other than fiber, it is also rich in vitamin which is essential for the body. Along with sweet potatoes, you can eat one egg and few slices of avocado. 

8. Whole grain food

Whole grain is rich in minerals like calcium, vitamins, potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron. These minerals are essential to maintain the immunity system and maintain heart health. Also, vitamin B found in whole grain food also help give energy to body. Whole grain bread can be best and easy breakfast option. You can enjoy it with one cup of milk.

9. Peanut butter bread 

 Person who likes peanut butter will surely like this recipe. This is easy and quick breakfast recipe when you to rush early morning. You will need whole grain bread and peanut butter. Coat the bread with peanut butter then cover it with another bread. You can eat two peanut butter bread. It can keep you full until lunch time.

10. Whole Wheat Muffins

Who doesn’t like muffins? If muffins are your favorite, you will definitely enjoy eating it for breakfast. You can choose to eat this muffin with tea, coffee or juice. This breakfast option keeps you full and stop you from eating unhealthy food. While preparing this muffin you can use wheat bran cereal, whole wheat flour, low fat milk and brown sugar.

11. Omelets and mushrooms

If you don’t like boiled egg you may prefer to eat omelet for breakfast. Making omelets and mushrooms can take time. However, this can be ideal breakfast option if you like omelets and mushrooms. But make sure you don’t use a lot of oil while making omelet. You can choose to use non-stick pan to make omelet.

Mushroom Cheese Omelet

12. Salad

Salad is another best option for breakfast. You can choose you favorite fruits for salad. Take a bowl then add berries, apple, grapes, and banana. Slice all the fruits then add in the bowl and put three to four table spoons of curd. Mix it well and you can enjoy it for breakfast. 


Therefore, having healthy breakfast in your everyday life helps you to maintain weight and boost your immunity.

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